Listing Features

Customers click on prominent listings

Research indicates that visitors are more likely to click on listings which appear more prominently than others. We offer listing Types to make your listing more prominent.

  • improved position
  • web links
  • economical
  • USD 10.00 per month

Silver Listing USD 10.00 monthly
  • Silver listings appear above lower ranked listings
  • all the features of lower ranked listings, plus business logo, email, website, map and printer friendly page
  • to upgrade: Log in to your account and choose - Upgrade Listings from the listings menu
  • start nice 'n easy
  • USD 0.00 per month
  • More

Listing USD 0.00 monthly
  • listings put you and your business on the web
  • Be a part of Online Yellowpage for USD 00.00 !!!
  • includes mailing address, phone, mobile and fax
  • advertising you need with pricing you can afford
  • start nice'n'easy and upgrade later
  • Already have an account and want to upgrade? Log in and choose - Upgrade Listings from the listings menu
  • If you do not have an account and wish to add and/or upgrade your business then click here
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