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Union Pacific Opens Donner Pass Tunnel to Double-Stack Freight

Diana Jorgenson
Portola Editor

    Union Pacific Railroad announced last week that it had opened its Donner Pass route to double-stack freight traffic Nov. 19.
    The opening marked the end of a 12-month improvement project by Union Pacific to the Donner route in preparation for rerouting trains double-stacked with intermodal containers to Donner from the Feather River Canyon route.

Read more: Union Pacific Opens Donner Pass Tunnel to Double-Stack Freight

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Chester alumni speak out about lost trophies

M. Kate West
Chester Editor

    School officials, community members and Chester High School alumni from the past six decades came together for nearly three hours Nov. 23 in a facilitated discussion specific to the heartfelt topics of school spirit and history.
    The stated catalyst behind the meeting was the decision Principal Scott Cory made to dispose of approximately 25–30 sports trophies.

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Eeek! A mouse!

Linda Satchwell
Staff Writer

    Squeak the Mouse is going south! Doesn’t sound like big news? Think again. At Pioneer Elementary School in Quincy, where Squeak (brother to Sam from the “Library Mouse” by Daniel Kirk) took up residence in October, the news that he would be leaving for the winter months, due to health concerns, sent shockwaves through the school.

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FRC students plan debate

Nils Holst
Special to Feather Publishing

Students from Feather River College will put on a debate Wednesday, Dec. 9, 7–9 p.m., at the Town Hall Theatre, moderated by Plumas County District Attorney Jeff Cunan.
    The debate will discuss the issue of gay marriage, one of the most hotly contested topics of the past 20 years. The arguments reached a fevered pitch last November when California voters passed Proposition 8, an amendment to the California Constitution that banned gay marriage in California.

Read more: FRC students plan debate

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New interim Director of Student Services brings energy and vision to the role

Linda Satchwell
Staff Writer

    Lisa Kelly is the new interim director of Student Services and Enrollment Management at Feather River College. That’s a mouthful, but Kelly’s bent on corralling that job title with a simple formula. Whatever she does, she asks, “How is this serving the students?”

Read more: New interim Director of Student Services brings energy and vision to the role

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Carrillo-Garcia sentenced

Joshua Sebold
Staff Writer

    Reyes Carrillo-Garcia was sentenced to two consecutive terms of life in prison without parole Monday, Nov. 23, the maximum sentence possible given the fact the death penalty had been ruled out.
    He also received a consecutive sentence of two years in prison for two enhancements, because he used a knife in the killings.

Read more: Carrillo-Garcia sentenced

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