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   These are a few of the stories you will find in this week's printed newspaper:

  • Townhalls attract crowds: Assemblyman Brian Dahle and Sen. Ted Gaines met with constituents in Quincy and Chester during a three-meeting swing through Plumas and Lassen counties.
  • New leader: After nearly three decades, the Plumas County Mental Health Commission has a new leader. Supervisor Kevin Goss was named to replace Hank Eisenmann.
  • Home away from home: As of last week, new homes had been found for all of the patients at Quincy Nursing & Rehabilitation and most had already moved.

New CHP officer embraces change of pace

Dan McDonald
Plumas County’s newest CHP officer, Reid Mason, right, is flanked by Quincy Area Commander Bruce Carpenter. Mason, who transferred from South Los Angeles, will be working in the Portola Resident Post.  Photo by Dan McDonald

  Reid Mason says he spends a lot of time admiring his neighbors’ wood piles. He can’t help it.

  “Everyone has wood envy around here,” Mason said with a smile. “You see somebody’s stack and you go ‘oh man, he’s ready for winter.’

  “And then you see my stack and you say ‘oh, he’s got a ways to go.’ So wood envy is a big thing I see in this county. It’s really a funny thing. But we are into it.”

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Almanor Fishing Association works to improve Almanor fishing

  Since the late 1800s, artificial methods to increase the fish population in California have been employed in order to fill a void between nature’s ability to produce fish and anglers’ demands for them.

  To keep up with the demand, the California state Legislature passed “An Act to provide for the restoration and preservation of fish in the waters of this state” April 2, 1870. Under this act, the three newly appointed commissioners of fisheries were given the duty to establish “fish breederies” and stock streams, lakes and bays with both foreign and domestic fish.

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DA needs more money investigating public corruption

  Five major fraud investigations, which include two potential public corruption cases, plus a homicide, sent District Attorney David Hollister to the Board of Supervisors asking for help.

  During his Nov. 13 appearance before the board, Hollister reminded the supervisors that he warned them during the budget hearings that he would probably need more money to pay for investigations this fiscal year.

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FRC seeks to stay true to its mission

  Feather River College has a new mission statement and its trustees want to ensure that it’s implemented.

  The three-sentence mission statement contained phrases that caused trustees Leah West and John Sheehan to comment.

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Vandalism causes power outage

Feather Publishing

  A Friday, Nov. 16, power outage in the Quincy area was caused by vandalism, according to the electric company.

  Plumas-Sierra Rural Electric Cooperative issued a press release Monday afternoon offering a $2,000 reward for “information leading to the arrest and conviction of persons involved in acts of vandalism against the cooperative.”

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