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   These are a few of the stories you will find in this week's printed newspaper:

  • Townhalls attract crowds: Assemblyman Brian Dahle and Sen. Ted Gaines met with constituents in Quincy and Chester during a three-meeting swing through Plumas and Lassen counties.
  • New leader: After nearly three decades, the Plumas County Mental Health Commission has a new leader. Supervisor Kevin Goss was named to replace Hank Eisenmann.
  • Home away from home: As of last week, new homes had been found for all of the patients at Quincy Nursing & Rehabilitation and most had already moved.

Chips the bobcat gets a new home for the winter

Chips, the bobcat rescued during mop-up operations for the Chips Fire, has fully recovered from her journey out of the scorched Plumas County forest. She will be released back into the wild in spring. Photo courtesy U.S. Forest Service
Samantha P. Hawthorne

  Chips, the baby bobcat that was rescued Aug. 25 from an area devastated by Chips Fire, has become a countrywide celebrity thanks to her warm and inspiring journey through the charred remains of her home.

  When she was rescued, the kit’s eyes were full of ash and smoke, and she had second-degree burns on her paws. Now, at 5 months old, she is living the high life in Placerville along with two other bobcats her own age.

  Chips spent the last few months recovering at the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care center, where she received specialized treatment to heal her infected eyes and blistered paws.

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Four thousand revelers attend annual Sparkle event

  Downtown Quincy’s streets and sidewalks were packed with an estimated 4,000 holiday celebrators during the 23rd annual Sparkle event Friday, Dec. 7.

  The event was sponsored by the Quincy Chamber of Commerce, and included a host of entertaining events.

  Numerous Quincy merchants kept their stores open late and served revelers tasty goodies and delicious drinks.

  Street musicians played instruments ranging from bagpipes to clarinets, guitars and a tuba-violin-trumpet trio as strollers made their way down the crowded sidewalks.

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Councilman resigns

Debra Moore

  Portola City Councilman Curt McBride took his resignation letter to City Hall last Friday.

  McBride’s last meeting will be tonight and his last official day as a city representative will be Dec. 31.

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Austerity committee holds public input forums to gather ideas

Staff Writer

  The Plumas Unified School District superintendent’s austerity committee held public forums Dec. 3 – 6 to gather input from community members on how to cut costs from the school district’s budget.

  The committee is tasked with recommending $3 million in cuts in order to rectify a $2.8 million structural deficit.

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Congressional leaders still support the Quincy Library Group

Debra Moore
Members of the Quincy Library Group receive embellished coffee mugs as tokens of gratitude from the U.S. Forest Service. Dave Wood, standing, presented the mugs during the group’s Dec. 6 meeting. Seated, from left: Mike Wood, Mike Yost, George Terhune and Pat Terhune. Photo by Debra Moore

  During meetings in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., congressional leaders reiterated their support for the Quincy Library Group.

  Congressman-elect Doug LaMalfa met with QLG members in Sacramento on Nov. 26. LaMalfa is succeeding Congressman Wally Herger, a staunch supporter of the QLG and the original author of the Herger-Feinstein Quincy Library Forest Recovery Act.

  “Congressman LaMalfa is committed to continuing the work of the Quincy Library Group,” Bill Wickman told fellow members of the QLG during its Dec. 6 meeting.

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