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Drought "officially" over

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Department of Water Resources (DWR) hydrologists announced March 30 that water content in California’s mountain snowpack is 165 percent of the April 1 full season average.

“Recent storms have significantly contributed to the above-average snowpack, helping to stabilize California’s water supply for the year,” said DWR Director Mark Cowin. “While this is beneficial for California’s farms, businesses and communities, we remind residents to practice sensible water use and conservation as we transition to warmer weather.”

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Surprising February weather

Dale Knutsen
Special to Chester Progressive
March 9, 2011

After a relatively dry and mild January, winter returned to the Lake Almanor Basin during February. It was almost mid-month before stormy weather arrived, and by that time our local snowpack had declined substantially.

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Storm safety tips

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Call 911 for Downed Lines
Your safety is our first concern. If you see a downed power line, assume it is energized and keep yourself and others away. Call 911 immediately to report the location of the downed line then 1-800-743-5002, PG&E's 24-Hour Emergency and Customer Service Line. During and after a storm, please keep away from flooded areas and downed trees, as these areas could be hiding an energized power line.

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