Because we’re not Haiti

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                  By now we’ve all seen pictures of the horrific conditions in Haiti following a 7.0 earthquake Jan. 12: Entire neighborhoods reduced to rubble, collapsed hospitals, a port and airport that could barely function. While we can’t control natural disasters, we can control our ability to respond to them. It should be an embarrassment to the world community that it has let a nation languish in such poverty that it had absolutely no capacity to deal with a natural disaster that was sure to come sooner or later.

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Here to stay: Renewing our commitment

Mike Taborksi

Now that a rather challenging 2009 is behind us, I can’t think of a better time to share a few thoughts about the role and future of community journalism in our society and that of Feather Publishing in your hometown.
Local newspapers are much more than paper and ink. Newspapers pull towns and cities together by connecting people with those around them. Our employees work and live in the communities they cover. They’re your neighbors. They share your values. They understand your community because they’re a part of it.

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Headlines we’d like to write in 2010

Sheriff Bergstrand does indeed retire

Special districts join LAFCo

Countywide lighting district formed at no extra cost to taxpayers

PDH doctors save vacationing billionaire’s life; grateful patient offers to pay for new hospital

General Plan update completed ahead of time and under budget

Feather River Inn re-opens for business

Downstream users to pay surcharge for Plumas water; county awash in money

Forest Service completes QLG program of work

Plumas Arts gets $1 million grant to rehab Town Hall Theatre

Plumas real estate market: Déjà vu 2005

Recession over! Plumas booms; unemployment less than 5 percent

Social services report record low demand for assistance

Food pantries say shelves are overflowing

Animal shelter empty; all pets well fed and safe; dogs well behaved and silent

Letters to Editor filled with intelligent commentary and good will

Sheriff’s Blotter on hiatus, no crime to report

Plumas-Eureka ski bowl re-opens

Plumas National Forest set to build hundreds of miles on new trails; tourism expected to increase

No forest fires reported in Plumas County

State stops stealing funds from cities, counties and special districts

Enrollment in Plumas schools increases

Perfect Storm turns day of infamy into thanksgiving

By John Sheehan
Executive Director
Plumas Corporation

    This Pearl Harbor Day was both infamous and wonderful, since I lived through it. Along with a few other Plumas-ites, I’d attended a forestry meeting in Sacramento and was coming home, by myself, through the Canyon on a spectacular winter storm day in Northern California.
    It had already snowed large on Mt. Diablo. The Canyon was a mix of sun and layered clouds and wind and snowgoing on the road. I’d stopped at a familiar spot and was gathering a few river rocks for a home gardening project. The last rock got hefted into the trunk when it happened.

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Education takes many forms to meet student needs, plenty of room for them all

By Janet Wolcott


Plumas Charter School


As the director of a California charter school, I would like to clarify some of the issues raised in Ms. Biggs’ Where I Stand in last week’s newspaper.

To begin with, my colleagues and I at Plumas Charter School are in complete agreement with her statement that there are “many reasons to begin high school in, and graduate from, a traditional brick-and-mortar school …” The majority of the teachers on the PCS staff have distinguished themselves as educators in the conventional school setting. We are well aware of the advantages and drawbacks of such schools. We also know from experience that while they serve many students well, they don’t meet the needs of all.

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