Humans take lead, dogs play hardball

Mona Hill
Staff Writer


I blame Dorothy really. Be sure to get two Great Pyrenees — a pair will be more of a challenge for predators, she said.

I heard predators, not challenge. Two 70-pound, 6-month-old puppies are more than a challenge for anyone, never mind a predator. I even think they could beat the demon squirrel.

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In support of our local government

Joshua Sebold
Staff Writer


Plumas County is a unique place, not just because of the rural nature of our communities and the beautiful backdrop of forested mountaintops and majestic valleys but also because of the rare configuration of land ownership.

Here in Plumas an abnormally large proportion of land is owned by some level of government, while other significant tracts are owned by a few large private entities like railroads, logging companies and Pacific Gas and Electric.

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Thanks to those who weathered the storm

“Non-essential county operations are closing today. If you have county business or county appointments you are advised to call the county department before leaving home. Most county offices are now closed. A significant winter storm or hazardous winter weather is occurring, imminent, or likely, and is a threat to life and property. The CAO (county administrative officer) and chair of the board have declared the snow day which permits county employees to head home for safety reasons.”

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Watching for the world to change

Christian Young
Staff Writer


Over the last week, I was bombarded with images of the violence that erupted in Egypt. Initially, I watched the crisis unfold with a certain amount of detachment. In the beginning, it was just another faraway place, with foreign people disenchanted with yet another foreign leader, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. And then I heard the Egyptian government pulled the plug on the Internet.

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Cowboy libertarian tells legislators - "get er done"

Feather Publishing

Here at Feather Publishing, we receive lots of unsolicited press releases and other tidbits each week. Most go right into the delete pile.

But the following submission from Patrick Dorinson, who calls himself The Cowboy Libertarian (cowboylibertarian.com), caught our eye with its whimsical and common sense advice to new legislators. (We know some veteran legislators that could use a refresher.)

“We’ve got a whole bunch of newly minted members of Congress fresh off the campaign trail and now settlin’ into the Capitol.

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