What do we want? CHP officers who act or react?

Where I Stand
Keri Cameron, retired California Highway Patrol officer

Maybe it will come as no surprise to some of you that I would write in support of the California Highway Patrol. I am not ignorant of “bad cops,” as I have worked with more than one. I do not believe that we have any “bad cops” working for the CHP in Plumas County.

There are officers who were sent here, through little choice of their own, who may not have the finesse in talking to people that they will one day develop. Some officers may be over-zealous or see the law as more black and white than others.

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Legislature needs to be accountable for its spending

Feather Publishing

The state Assembly and Senate have been dragging their feet about releasing records of their members’ spending. The body usually releases once-a-year figures in November for the previous year. Under pressure, the Legislature has released some up-to-date figures, but not others.

The record release came under pressure from the Los Angeles Times and the Sacramento Bee, which filed suit against the Assembly after it refused to release current office records. The Senate, which had received a similar request, complied by releasing data, too.

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My Turn; Working together to effect change

M. Kate West
Chester Editor


In the past two weeks I’ve heard several suggestions about changing the face of politics that have made tremendous sense to me.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz made the first suggestion and has since started a movement to cut off funding to politicians seeking re-election.

It was his opinion that lawmakers are only interested in re-election and who could argue with that? We have all witnessed the lack of action on critical issues because it seems like many congressional and state lawmakers vote or stall votes based on the desires of special interest groups.

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End, don’t mend, rural fire tax

Special to Feather Publishing
Assemblyman Dan Logue 3rd Assembly District

The arrival of California’s wildfire season is a sober reminder of the importance of preventing such fires in our rural communities. With the memories of past wildfires still lingering in our minds, I know we are all thankful for the bravery shown by our emergency responders who answered the call to save lives and homes.

Those who live in areas with wildfire danger have willingly borne the risks and costs of enjoying a rural lifestyle. But I know that the last thing they need is a new fire tax on their homes that will do nothing to boost fire protection.

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Fair manager proves some things are more important than money

Dan McDonald
Staff Reporter

Fifteen minutes isn’t enough time to get to know a guy. And my first question during a short meeting with Fair Manager John Steffanic probably wasn’t appropriate.

“Are you crazy?” I asked.

Steffanic just laughed. He laughs a lot. They are the sort of belly laughs that make you think he doesn’t take things too seriously.

The reason for my question was to hopefully understand why Steffanic would figuratively jump on a grenade to save the Plumas-Sierra County Fair.

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