California Outdoors for the week of 9/14/2011

On relieving barotrauma problems in deepwater rockfish


Question: Whenever I pull up one of the rockfish species that is not legal to keep, its swim bladder is usually so full of air that even if I throw it back it will still die. What’s the point in throwing them back if they’re just going to die anyway?

I’ve heard that pulling the fish slowly up to the surface minimizes the pressure change damage and gives the fish the best chance of survival when thrown back. If the fish is too inflated, we poke it with a needle in its side to relieve the gas pressure and the fish always goes right down again. Is this the best way to get an over-inflated fish back down so it will survive to be caught another day?

—Russ J.


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Giants racing Dwarfs


Giants from the Western states and our local drivers converged at the Quincy fairgrounds for the Dwarf Car Regionals on Friday and Saturday night. One of those quiet giants is Quincy’s own Chase Nieman who became a David among the Goliaths. Chase is in his second season as a competitor in the Dwarf car series. He is an example of growth from child of a racing family to a quiet man making his mark in their sport.

The skies were filled with the dust of three classes of Dwarf cars and the screams of their engines.

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Lake Almanor and Eagle Lake late August grebe update

Feather Publishing

Each day more grebe babies are being observed on their parents’ backs. We have received numerous updates from folks in our area who have developed an interest in these birds and their broods. The nesting colonies are still very active. Even though many young have already hatched and have left the colony with their folks, many more adults are sitting on eggs or building new nests. This makes monitoring these nest colonies a multi-dimensional challenge.

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Do you want to go fishing but aren’t sure how to get started?

Michael Condon

There will be days when the fishing is better than one's most optimistic forecast, others when it is far worse.  Either is a gain over just staying home. ~Roderick Haig-Brown, Fisherman's Spring, 1951


I have a non-angling friend who is having a guest this weekend.  They would like to go fishing.
My friend asked me to set her up with some fishing gear and some ideas on where to go.
I realized that this is a dilemma that anybody could face.  You want to go fishing but you are not quite sure of how or where to start.

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California Outdoors for the week of 9/7/2011

All that glitters is not legal

Question: I have been studying up on different methods of spear fishing while free diving and have read about the use of “glitter” as an attractant for bait fish. I have an idea to sprinkle glitter in the water so that when the bait fish come to investigate, the large game fish will follow and be caught as they attack the bait fish!

What are your views and the legal ramifications of this method? I understand chumming is not legal for taking game animals in our state, but the use of artificial lures is. With my idea the game fish would not be chummed by this method but instead just attracted by the collection of bait fish. If this method actually works, would it be legal?

—Theodore G.


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