California Outdoors for the week of 10/5/2011

Boat captains and fishing limits

Question: If I purchase a one-day fishing license for a day of deep sea fishing, shouldn’t it entitle me to catch my own fish? I ask because while fishing on a party fishing boat recently, some people got their limits early but kept fishing, and some of us were never able to get our limits. The captain knew some people kept fishing after getting their limits and that some people (like me) had caught only a fraction of my limit. Nevertheless, the captain halted all fishing early and headed the boat back to the dock with many unhappy people. He then told the people with overlimits to take extra fish out of their bags to give people who hadn’t caught much.

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Portola Tigers win 47 - 0

Shannon Morrow -

- The Portola High School football team, playing with crisp confidence in front of a home crowd last Friday night, dismantled Williams 47-0 in the teams’ league opener.

It was the first real win for Portola this season, after the Tigers lost their first two games to formidable schools and then had last week’s opponent forfeit.

The Tigers were in signature form against Williams, taking a 21-0 lead by the end of the first quarter and adding two more touchdowns before halftime.

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Fishing Report for the week of 9/28/2011

Michael Condon

“Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.”

—Henry David Thoreau


Summer weather has returned, but it probably won’t last for long. The water is beginning to cool and kokanee salmon and brown trout are getting ready to spawn.

There is no better time to get out on your favorite lake or stream than right now.

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Golf Report for the week of 9/28/2011

Bailey Creek

Sept. 21 was Guest Day at Bailey Creek and the format was “Ones” minus half your handicap.

First flight winners were: first, Wynnetta Regli; second, Mary Ashburn; third, Linda Layland.

Second flight winners were: first, Joan Eychner; second, Dana Seandel; third, Joyce Putnam.

Mary Ashburn broke 100 and Linda Layland birdied hole No. 4.

Our guests were Maryann Broderick and Dana Seandel from LACC and Joyce Putnam from Berkeley.

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California Outdoors for the week of 9/28/2011

Creating a private hunting ranch

Question: I’ve been toying with the idea of opening a private hunting ranch and importing animals (mostly pigs) for the ranch. I’d like to research the licensing and regulations. Are there both state and federal regulations? Since the animals will undoubtedly come from out of state, what other agencies (state or federal) would I need to consult?

—Mark C.

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