On fishing for others, hunting during the rut, photo ID, more

Carrie Wilson
California Department of Fish and Wildlife


Sending a friend to fish

Question: What if four people got together and all paid the boat fare so that one person in the group could take a long-range fishing trip? Three of the people are not anglers. After the trip, all of the fish caught by the one angler would then be split evenly between the four people. Would this be all right or somehow considered selling of fish?

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FRC women take down Simpson University

James Wilson
Sports Editor
Feather River College’s Ashley Hibbard makes the shot during the Golden Eagles’ last preseason game, against Simpson University’s select team Jan. 3. Hibbard contributed 14 points to FRC’s 75-63 win over the Redding Christian university. Photo by James Wilson
The Feather River College women’s basketball team got in one last game Jan. 3 before starting conference play. The Golden Eagles defeated Simpson University’s select team 75-63 at FRC.

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2013: A sports year in review

Ricky Lowdermilk leaps up to score two points for the Tigers during the classic rivalry game between Portola and Quincy on Feb. 12. Photo by James Wilson
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Jan. 2

The Greenville girls’ basketball team took on the Champion Christian Mustangs on Dec. 17. The Indians performed exceptionally well to take down the Mustangs 32-20.


Jan. 9

The Chester Volcanoes boys’ basketball team came out in full force Jan. 4 against the Los Molinos Bulldogs. The Volcanoes dominated in every aspect of the game to finish the Bulldogs off with a 63-49 win.


Jan. 16

The Quincy ski team started its season Jan. 7 with a trip up to Northstar Resort at Tahoe. This year’s team is a bit smaller than most with only four members, but still possesses a great amount of skill.


Jan. 23

Historians and racers of all kinds showed up Jan. 20 to Johnsville to participate in and watch the first set of races this year in the world-famous Historic Longboard Revival Series.

The beautiful weather conditions drove the masses out to the Plumas-Eureka Ski Bowl and instantly set a mood. No one was cold or miserable and high spirits abounded.

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California Outdoors for the week of 12/27/2013

Carrie Wilson
California Department of Fish and Wildlife


California elk range

Question: Why are there no elk in the central or southern Sierra Nevada? It seems like ideal habitat comparable to that found in Colorado, but the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation doesn’t even show it as a historical range for elk. Is there some reason they could not and do not thrive in the high Sierra, or at least the foothills?

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Plumas basketball plays on

Quincy’s Erik Schwartz rushes down the court during Quincy’s home game against Fall River on Dec. 17. Fall River got an early lead to beat the Trojans 74-55. Photo by James Wilson
ames Wilson
Sports Editor


The Chester, Greenville and Quincy boys’ basketball teams hit the court Dec. 17 with varying results. Chester was the only team to come out with a win with a 69-46 stomp in Loyalton. Greenville traveled to Los Molinos to lose 60-33. Quincy, the only Plumas team to host, lost 74-55 to Fall River.

The Volcanoes and their opponents were pretty evenly matched in the first quarter, but busted their moves out in the second to gain a 42-24 lead by the half. The Volcanoes maintained their lead to the end for the win.

Wyatt Durkin was once again the top scorer for Chester with 25 points. Durkin also led in rebounds with 12. Hunter Morris was the next top scorer with 11 points. Morris also picked up seven rebounds.

Chester’s coach, Jake Simms, named Jeremiah White the player of the game for his great effort and efficiency. White got in the double digits in scoring with 10 points. The win brought Chester’s record up to an undefeated 8-0.

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