Mile High 100 draws many new riders

M. Kate West
A lone cyclist rounds the bend newar Chester in the 29th annual  Mile High 100 .
Chester Editor

The 29th annual Mile High 100 drew an amazing 450 riders to the Chester Park on Saturday, June 18.

Hosted by the Lake Almanor Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau the Saturday of Father’s Day weekend each year, it’s hard to judge what demographic participates most in the event.

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Fishing Report for the week of 6/29/2011

Michael Condon - The calendar says it’s summer and at long last the thermometer agrees. But it is still a different story for the fish. Water temperatures still say early spring in most places. The runoff from a near record snowpack continues to pump colder than normal water into local lakes and streams, keeping temperatures unseasonably low.

Understanding how temperature affects the fish you pursue, and their feed, is the key to fishing success under these unusual conditions.

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California Outdoors

Modify a waterski kneeboard into an abalone diving rig?

Q: What is the definition of a boat or vessel? I ask because I am altering an old waterski kneeboard into a specialized abalone diving rig with a small anchor so I can accurately place my board closer to abalone. It’s a smaller version of a surfboard. It has no sails, rudders, oars or motor but does have an anchor. The anchor will be a marker for me to follow down on my next breath. I am wondering, though, if by adding this anchor I am making it into what will be construed to be a vessel.

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Crazy fast

Larry F. Douglas
American Valley Speedway
Jim Richardson, right, led the first several laps of the second heat race Saturday, until a blown back right tire allowed the No. 88 car to get by. Richardson is integral to the sprint car races at American Valley Speedway.


The California Civil War Sprint Car Series brought more than cars producing in excess of 700 horsepower motors in 1,500-pound winged bodies to the American Valley Speedway for the sixth event of their series. It brought the best of the West in 360 Sprint Car racing. It attracted not only the champions but also the future generation of drivers of their sport. It brought pit crews that could put a damaged car back into competition within minutes after an accident. It brought an organization proud of its unique history in the development of speed and safety in motor sports racing. It brought 13-year-old Bradley Kennedy announcing with veteran Steve Ross.

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Fishing Report for the week of 6/22/2011

Michael Condon
Staff Writer

Butt Lake

I have been, and still am, hopeful that Butt Lake will turn out to be our local sleeper fishery. In its heyday, before the lake was drained for dam repairs several years ago, Butt Lake was well known for producing very large trout.

If my memory serves me correctly (that is an increasingly important qualifier these days) the record rainbow from Butt Lake weighed in at 25 pounds! Double-digit weights were not uncommon.

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