California Outdoors for the week of 8/24/2011

“Pursuing” wildlife for a photo

Question: California Fish and Game defines “take” as to “hunt, pursue, catch, capture or kill” or attempt to do so. Much discussion and conjecture has been generated amongst wildlife photographers regarding use of the term “pursue” in this definition and how it may apply to them. Some photography and wildlife watching groups have recently gone so far as to recommend their members obtain sporting licenses due to uncertainty surrounding interpretation of the word “pursue.” However, this is of little use if a picture is taken of something that cannot be “taken” under the authority of a sporting license. For example, if a photographer informs a warden they are searching for the endangered southern mountain yellow-legged frog to capture on film with their telephoto lens, could this person be cited for “take” by “attempting to pursue”?

For the sake of discussion, please assume photography is for recreation, habitat is not altered and that wildlife is never touched, possessed or otherwise under the control of the individual behind the lens.

The wildlife watching and photography community would greatly appreciate clarification on this point.

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Golf Report for the week of 8/24/2011

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Whitehawk Ranch Ladies Golf Club

Tuesday, Aug. 16, the Whitehawk Ranch Ladies Golf Club had its monthly “Ace of Aces” event. Patty McNamara captured the low gross score with a 79 and the net winner was Aggie Keese with a net 66. They each qualify to play in an end-of-season tournament. Congratulations to both ladies!


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Restoration work completed on Pacific Crest Trail bridge

Restoration work recently completed on a bridge well-used by Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) hikers and equestrians on the Lassen National Forest should provide for both a more aesthetically pleasing and safer experience.  The rehabilitated structure crosses the North Fork Feather River about a mile south of Domingo Springs Campground.  The North Fork Feather River PCT Bridge Restoration Project, which took a crew about two weeks to finish, was completed in mid- August.

A number of repairs were made to the structure.  Where broken and unstable railing had existed, railing lumber and hardware was replaced and reinforced with custom bracing.  The planks spanning the deck were replaced to address tripping and falling hazards to both people and stock.  On the north abutment where the fill had eroded, leaving an eight to ten inch drop from the bridge to the bank, additional aggregate was placed to minimize the drop-off.  All the new lumber was treated with preservative/stain.

The work was necessary for the safety of PCT users and for the longevity of the bridge itself.  It will serve as a baseline for a new maintenance schedule, which will be used to retreat the lumber and inspect the condition of the bridge every few years so that the materials will not need to be replaced again in the near future

“The area gets a good amount of snow every year, so it’s important we’re diligent about preventive maintenance on these structures.  It’s a beautiful bridge in a picturesque location, and we’re lucky to have something like it on our district,” said Michelle Ahearn, Recreation Officer on the Almanor Ranger District of the Lassen National Forest.

The project was made possible through a combination of funding.  Recovery Act funds were used last year to purchase materials and supplies; internal funding then paid for the Almanor District resource crew, consisting mostly of youth from the local area and Chico, to perform the work this August.

To view a photo gallery of the project, please visit the Lassen National Forest website at www.fs.usda.gov/lassen.  You may contact Recreation Officer Michelle Ahearn at 530-258-2141 with any questions or comments concerning this project.


Fishing Report for the week of 8/17/2011

Michael Condon

Give a man a fish and he has food for a day; teach him how to fish and you can get rid of him for the entire weekend. —Zenna Schaffer

Stream fishing

For the past few months I have emphasized the fishing opportunities in our local lakes.

I have not had much good to say about stream fishing.

The Sierra experienced unusually heavy snows this winter. The resulting runoff kept our streams running high and cold. Stream fishing has been tough at best.

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California Outdoors for the week of 8/17/2011

Abalone divers’ gear and license underwater

Question: I believe the regulations say you must carry an abalone gauge and a fishing license when diving for abalone. Does that mean both need to be on my person when diving or is having those items in my float tube sufficient?

—Mr. Chee

Answer: It depends on the circumstances. The short answer is that they may be left in the dive tube only if the dive tube remains in your immediate possession. The long explanation follows:

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