Remember When for the week of 9/5/2012

Keri Taborski
Feather Publishing Historian

75 YEARS AGO.........1937

John Spooner, Plumas County treasurer from 1898 to 1915, has died at his Auburn home. After he left that Plumas County position, he was at Plumas County Bank for two years and then owned a clothing store in Quincy before moving to Auburn in 1922.

The third day of jury selection for the jury trial of William Yuhas on a charge of murdering Scott Bayes at Keddie July 13 was held at the Plumas County courthouse this week. The accused was in the courtroom flanked by his attorneys Stanley Young and William MacMillan.


50 YEARS AGO...........1962

Plans are complete for the reception of Mrs. Edmund G. Brown, the wife of California Governor Brown, who will arrive here Tuesday afternoon via airplane at Gansner Field in Quincy. The tea in her honor will be held at the 4-H building at the Plumas County fairgrounds.


25 YEARS AGO.........1987

Labor Day holiday travelers found that unleaded regular gasoline was up one cent since July and August and is selling for 97 cents per gallon, Leaded regular gasoline was selling for 90 cents per gallon.


10 YEARS AGO...........2010

Collins Pine mill in Chester re-opened after a major state of the art overhaul that will increase production and be more efficient and will include a new co-generation plant.

Postage stamp collectors will be offered a special cancellation at the Taylorsville post office September 7, in honor of Taylorsville’s 50th anniversary and in honor of Jobe Taylor, the founding resident of that town in 1852.



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