Remember When for the week of 11/2/2011

Keri Taborski
Feather Publishing Historian


75 YEARS AGO...........1936

The new album of colorful Christmas cards is now available at the printing division of the Feather River Bulletin. The cards are sold in lots of 25 with names printed free of charge.


50 YEARS AGO..........1961

Plumas County received its first snow storm of the season over the weekend. Ten to twelve inches fell in Chester, 22 inches in Johnsville, eight inches in Greenville, six to ten inches in Beckwourth, twelve inches in La Porte and five inches in Quincy.


25 YEARS AGO.......1986

The repair and improvement work along the Feather River canyon will continue well into December. The work was to be completed in November but has been delayed as a result of miscalculation in planning by CalTrans.


10 YEARS AGO.........2001

Tampering of Portola’s million gallon water tank prompted the city officials to warn 50 residents located north of Joy Way not to drink the water. The two locks on the tank were found missing over the weekend. The water system is set up so that all Portola residents, except those 50, are now getting their water from other city tanks and wells.

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