Hospital for sale: Directors formalize their surplus declaration

Alicia Knadler

Indian Valley Editor

June 15, 2011 – Directors of the Indian Valley Health Care District officially declared the hospital and business office parcels as surplus property Monday, June 6, though neither parcel has been officially modified to exclude the helipad they were concerned about keeping.

Instead, the helipad will remain a negotiating point if and when interested buyers come forward.

Directors hired Ralph Koehne Engineering to help delineate a third parcel, one that includes the heliport and a portion of both properties.

The proposed changes include an easement across the road and parking lots and a large enough parcel for an additional helipad for emergency situations when more than one helicopter is needed.

Hopes are that the sale of surplus property will bring in about $750,000, the amount needed to clean up the remaining bankruptcy debt.

Directors must first offer the property to other public entities, such as special districts, county, state and federal agencies and others.

After 60 days it can then be put up for a public sale if none of the public entities are interested.

District Chairman Guy McNett was sure directors would know by the end of August if any public entities were interested.

He expects directors will have to conduct special meetings this summer to cover such issues as determining fair market value.

In resolving to declare the properties surplus, directors also stipulate that any redevelopment needs to be consistent with permissible land uses.

The hospital property is zoned as multiple residential, and several uses are permissible, though a special-use permit is required for some.

Dwelling units and manufactured homes are permissible at one per every 2,000 square-feet of lot area, and the total lot area of the hospital parcel is just less than 2.5 acres.

Other uses which would require a permit are child day care, residential drug and alcohol recovery facilities, community care, home businesses, offices, lodging, rooming, public assembly and services, health services, schools, bed and breakfast inns, 4-H and FFA animal projects and parking lots.

Barring any special meetings, the next regular meeting of the Indian Valley Health Care District will be 5:30 p.m. Monday, Sept. 12, at the Indian Valley Community Center in Greenville.

The center is located at 209 Highway 89, across from Sierra Sunrise Coffee House and Deli.


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