Latest developments at Feather Publishing

We’d like to make you aware of a few developments here at Feather Publishing. First, this year’s Plumas County Visitors Guide is now available. Look for it on local newsstands, or stop by your nearest Feather Publishing office to pick up a free copy. You can also find the guide on our website,

The 116-page guide covers everything you need to know to plan a trip to our beautiful county, or to help friends and relatives plan a trip. From lodging to events to activities — the guide has it all. The guide is a joint venture between the Plumas County Visitors Bureau and Feather Publishing and is the most powerful marketing piece for Plumas County tourism.

Speaking of, we have added a comment feature. You can now leave comments about posted stories with a keystroke. Here is a sampling of recent posts:


Internet scams

To be honest, I absolutely can not believe someone would pay for a dog to come from OVERSEAS when there are HUNDREDS in local shelters. Head down to your local shelter, that will solve the problem of buying a dog overseas and getting scammed.



Keddie murder

I have heard that the PCSO received an offer of help from the Vidocq society, and has yet to follow up on it. That is not good, since they have volunteered to help, and justice matters.

Mean Kitty


This article sounds one-sided to me. I read somewhere that this therapist went to PCSO and retold the story of the ‘confession’ as recent as 2010. Why was that not mentioned in this article?

Wonder why


You can also sign up at our Facebook page to be notified anytime we post a new story to our website.

And last but not least, we are relocating our Portola office. We will move today, Wednesday, April 27. The new address is 96 E. Sierra Ave. (Highway 70), Suite A.

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