Flu, getting a shot, TV, concerts and downright busyness

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The other day my amazing 21-year-old daughter told me she wanted a time machine. I asked her if she wanted to go back into time and she said she wanted to move time forward because her husband of one year and two months would be home from his Army deployment.

He comes home in December, January or February. He left in February 2010. I told her we didn’t need to speed time up because then I would be older. But what do 21-year-olds know?

I understand her dilemma. Two weeks ago, I came down with the Crud. You know, that virus, bug, illness or whatever that thing is the entire population seemed to be getting.

I don’t remember being that sick, but I am sure I have been. Time stood still and for four days I was sure I was going to meet my Maker. I was sick at the same time the Chilean government was able to rescue their 33 trapped miners.

All I kept thinking was those men where there for 17 days before anyone knew they were alive. I didn’t think I could survive the flu let alone a dark, hot cave. My fate didn’t seem so bad.

As I was recovering I watched Switzerland break through the earth and open a 36-mile tunnel that took 15 years to dig out.

It has an overburden of 8,200 feet. I felt claustrophobic going into the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel that went under the Atlantic Ocean two times for a mile each. Just the thought of being trapped underground made me shudder.

I feel the same way about the Euro-Tunnel. I told my staff I have no plans to spend time underground unless the Lord sends me there. Then to top it off, my eldest decides to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. For goodness sake, it made me start a different bucket list. What I will not do before I die! You know two.

Sad thing is I did have a three-month goal list too and it included getting the flu shot this year.  If you still have not gotten the flu, trust me go get the shot. Missing a week of living is not much fun.

During my week of crudcation (it means a forced stay at home, in bed sick), I missed some favorite TV shows, a high school drama production and a party for a friend who returned from his military deployment.

This week I am playing catch up. Thank goodness for Tivo. It is fun watching “NCIS Los Angeles.” One of my college’s English professor’s sons, Eric Christian Olsen, is now a regular on the popular series. He plays Marty Deeks. I remember him as a preschooler. Now, I can say I have known several celebrities in my lifetime, only a few more to meet.

I finished the week going to two nights of the season opening concerts of the Susanville Symphony Society. I might not want a time machine to go forward but backward to 1940 might be fun. I love the Big Band sound and would have learned to swing dance. I did get on the dance floor with my husband a few times, and I must say I was mighty glad I was over the Crud by then because I had the time of my life.

My recommendation to you is prepare for the worst and have fun when you can otherwise you might be wishing for a time machine or thinking you are trapped in a dark, damp place never to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank God, men have been able to advance technology far enough to get those Chilean men out of the ground. ¡Bueno suerte y salud!

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