Remember When for the week of 9/8/2010

Keri Taborksi
Feather Publishing Historian

80 YEARS AGO......1930
Advertisement: A Travelair bi-plane will be in Quincy on Sunday to take up passengers for a full 15 minutes in the air. Stunt flying will also be demonstrated during the afternoon.

50 YEARS AGO.....1960
The public schools of Plumas County opened Tuesday with a total enrollment of 2,855 students, a gain of 110 students over the opening day last year. High school enrollment figures: Chester High School 217, Greenville High School 262, Portola High School 271 and Quincy High School 508. Elementary school figures: Caribou 11, Chester 277, Grays Flat, 12, Greenville 307, Injun Jim 30, Long Valley 3, Meadow Valley 14, Pioneer in Quincy 304, Quincy 268 and Taylorsville 30.

30 YEARS AGO......1980
Steve Zeigler of Quincy was recently appointed to the Plumas County Fair Board. Zeigler, a California Highway Patrolman is replacing director Hal Leigh, who resigned.

10 YEARS AGO....2000
Headline: Quincy Crazy Quilters organize. Norma Maciel, Bobbi May, Stephanie Horton, Lea Hardee, all Quincy residents have formed a quilting guild with the first meeting to be held at the Quincy Library Thursday.

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