Election rules

Once again it is time for the paper to explain its rules when covering election news.

Tuesday, June 8, Plumas County residents will vote in the primary election for governor, lieutenant governor, California secretary of state, state controller, state treasurer, attorney general, state insurance commissioner, state assemblyman, a U.S. representative, a state senator and superintendent of public instruction.

They will vote at the local level for county sheriff, district attorney, District 5 and District 3 supervisors, treasurer-tax collector, county assessor, auditor-controller and clerk-recorder.

The filing period opened Feb. 15, and will close Friday, March 12. To find out qualification and application rules, call Kathy Williams, county clerk-recorder at 283-6256 or e-mail her at, or log onto the clerk's website at

The paper will accept letters to the editor endorsing or opposing candidates with the final publication of those letters in the May 26 issue of the paper. The June 2 issue of the paper will only accept rebuttal letters.

As for editorial content in the paper concerning those running for office, the editor reserves the right to limit how much coverage is given a candidate so as not to give unfair advantage to one person over another. The paper does not endorse any candidates and encourages all candidates and friends of candidates to call Advertising Manager Sherri McConnell at 283-0800, to run campaign advertising and to find out what is appropriate for publication.

The editor also reserves the right not to print any letter that may be libelous, offensive or in poor taste.

The letter-to-the editor format is a good place for readers to speak their minds in a polite, respectful manner about why a person should or should not be elected to lead Plumas County for the next several years. E-mail your letters to or submit them through our website, The deadline for letters is noon Friday.

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