Domestic violence classes to return

Dan McDonald
Managing Editor


Court-ordered domestic violence classes are scheduled to resume in Plumas County beginning June 13.

The classes were abruptly halted last year when the only local provider moved out of the area.

Acting Chief Probation Officer Dan Prince told the Community Corrections Partnership Executive Committee last week that a Butte County company has agreed to conduct the classes in Plumas County.

“This is something that we are very excited about,” Prince said during the executive committee’s May 28 meeting in Quincy. “I know the courts have been very eager to get this program started again.”

Domestic violence classes are often ordered by the court as part of an offender’s alternative sentence.

Prince said as many as 45 people were close to completing the 52-week program when the classes were halted last year. He said those people would be given priority when the classes resume.

The classes will be conducted by New Beginnings of Chico. Prince said the Chico company has “a significant and successful history of working with Butte County in a similar regard.”

The first Plumas class will include 12 people and be held at the probation department. Prince said a second 12-person class could begin soon — possibly at the new Day Reporting Center in Quincy.

Offenders who are ordered into the program pay $30 per week. However, the provider offers a sliding fee scale, depending on a person’s ability to pay.

The CCP’s executive committee unanimously voted to approve New Beginnings as the county’s new domestic violence class provider.

Day Reporting Center

Prince told the committee that the new Day Reporting Center is close to opening.

The center provides a variety of services to low-risk offenders on court-ordered probation.

It is moving to two locations on Harbison Street near the courthouse. The DRC was housed at The Resource Center on the west end of Main Street near Dame Shirley Plaza until its lease expired April 30.

Sheriff Greg Hagwood said he spoke with a nearby resident and a business owner who “expressed concern” over the center’s downtown location.

“It may be an educational thing where people need to understand what exactly is and isn’t happening there,” Hagwood said.

Alternative Sentencing Coordinator Stephanie Tanaka said she planned to meet with neighbors and business owners this week. She said she would give them a one-page document with information and business hours for the programs.

District Attorney David Hollister emphasized the former DRC location was also downtown and that its clients are customers for local businesses.

Prince said beautification of the first building (28 Harbison, adjacent to Sweet Lorraine’s) is already underway. The other location is 56 Harbison, the former Body & Soul building across from the Quincy library.

Live streaming

The executive committee voted to approve live streaming of the monthly CCP meetings.

Prince said he would consult with other departments to see about the possibility of a joint venture to purchase the software and a laptop computer needed to perform the live stream.

The software license reportedly costs about $1,500.

Mental Health Director Peter Livingston, a member of the CCP executive committee, said “having the video archives available to all citizens at their own convenience is a good thing.”

Requests for funding

Community partners have until June 13 to submit applications for funding.

According to Prince, the CCP has received three applications requesting some of the county’s $237,000 in Assembly Bill 109 money that was carried over from last fiscal year.

The budget committee will consider the requests and make recommendations to the full executive committee.

Applications should be submitted to the Plumas County Probation Department, 270 County Hospital Road, Suite 128, Quincy, CA 95971.

Anyone with questions about the information required for consideration can contact Dan Prince at 283


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