Local border collie earns second agility title

Harmony Ridge Princess Tango Kizzy adds another ribbon to her growing collection.
Feather Publishing

Harmony Ridge Princess Tango Kizzy is a petite young border collie who one year ago found her “forever home” with Johnene McDonald and her pack of Australian shepherds.

Tango was taken to the Plumas County Animal Shelter when she was 4 months old because she “ate a $1,000 couch.” The owner was enraged and “boot-kicked” her through the open door. McDonald just happened to be there that day and “fell in love with the frightened pup.”

“I wanted to take her home so much but realized I just couldn’t add another dog to my life,” said McDonald. “I lost sleep all night thinking about that poor frightened pup at the dog shelter. She reminded me so much of my border collie Django who had died of a brain tumor a year and four months prior.”

Fortunately, a woman on Spanish Ranch adopted her the next week so McDonald got to see “Aisha” (the name the new owner gave her) on a regular basis. McDonald started taking Aisha for walks and training her along with her two Aussie pups. The three pups started having slumber parties and spending weekends together. They got along fabulously. The owner at the time said she would be moving in the summer, so by May 2013, when Tango reached 1 year old, McDonald decided to adopt her into her loving home.

McDonald has been involved in agility training with Terry Popish of Snowy Pine Ranch for two years now. Her two Australian shepherds, Foxxmo and Benny, have now made it up to the master level of agility competitions. McDonald decided that Tango should get to “play” as well.

Tango competed in her third agility competition last weekend in Rancho Murieta at the Shetland Sheepdog Show. She won her second title — in Novice Standard Preferred 16 Inches — and a first-place ribbon. She achieved her first title in Novice Jumpers Preferred 16 Inches in Santa Rosa last month.

McDonald says, “Tango is a little crazy out in the ring but she seems to like it and we are making progress together.” Tango has won eight first-place ribbons in three shows.

The story of Tango is a good reminder that because a pet did something infuriating when it was a pup doesn’t mean that the pup is a bad dog, said McDonald. “With a regimen of exercise, patience, training and positive reinforcement in the home, even a ‘frustrated’ puppy can turn into an amazing companion. There are no bad dogs, just ‘bad’ dog owners!”

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