Call for verification before burning yard debris

Debra Moore
Staff Writer


Plumas County residents, with the exception of those who live in downtown Quincy and East Quincy, can burn their yard debris, but need to ensure that it is an allowable burn day.

Ryan Murano, of the Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District, encourages residents to call the number for their area. “The recording usually covers two days of burn information,” Murano said.

Portola: 832-4528

Quincy: 283-3602

Chester: 258-2588

Greenville: 284-6520

Burn permits are not required for burning household yard debris such as leaves and pine needles.

While most areas of the county are allowed to burn year-round, a county ordinance prohibits residents of American Valley from burning from Nov. 15 to March 15. Since that period has ended, residents, with the exception of those who live in Quincy and East Quincy, can burn.

Murano explained that the ordinance, which went into effect in 1991, protects the air quality in American Valley.

“It had reached non-attainment status,” he said of the air quality in the area. Though Quincy is the only area with annual restrictions now, Portola has come close to non-attainment status as well.

The ability to burn may help some residents prepare their homes in advance of fire season. CalFire begins conducting inspections this month and many residents will need to trim trees and clear yard debris.

In addition to burning, residents have other options for debris removal, including taking it to transfer sites in each community, as well as hauling it to Collins Pine in the Almanor area, Graeagle Land and Water in Graeagle and the Environmental Reclamation Center at the Portola landfill. There are fees associated with each of the options.

The Board of Supervisors is reviewing short- and long-term solutions for American Valley because Sierra Pacific Industries no longer accepts green waste at its mill. SPI had accepted yard debris at no charge, but discontinued the practice in November 2013 because of construction related to the new sawmill.

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