Business Scene for the week of 1/24/2014

Local Plumas-Lassen Connection phone books getting out

PhoneBooksDeliveredThe 2014 edition of your locally produced telephone book, the Plumas-Lassen Connection, is hot off the presses and will soon be delivered throughout Plumas, Lassen and eastern Sierra counties. For 19 years, we have published this local directory, combining home and business listings from throughout the region into one conveniently sized, easy-to-read phonebook.

Our sincerest thanks to the local business and professional people who, through their ongoing advertising support, make this important and highly used reference directory possible. But here’s the best part: A huge chunk of their advertising investment in this local directory is used to deliver this book, making it a major fundraiser for local schools, clubs and organizations. Since that very first edition in 1995, these groups have earned more than $170,000 delivering the Plumas Lassen Connection.

In the days and weeks ahead, students will be delivering these phone books to every home and office throughout the tri-county area. Once they are delivered, should you need additional copies for your home or office, just drop by your local newspaper office and help yourself.

More business news below...

New owners in westwood

Richard McNeill has purchased Westwood Mini Storage, which will be managed by Beverly Emerson. The facility is located on Ash Street. McNeill Security Storage already has facilities in Chester, Lake Almanor, Hamilton Branch, Canyon Dam and Greenville. They offer storage units in several sizes and outside RV and boat storage. They are safe and secure with gated, card-lock access throughout the week and on-site security cameras.


Look closely before signing

More often than we’d like to see, we get faxes of what I would deem very cleverly disguised solicitations that appear to be standard requests for a renewal of a past order or for a verification of a listing, typically for a yellow page directory. This week it was a fax from a company called Yellow Page USA.Com.

With just a quick read one might think they were simply asking for “data verification.” However, in the extremely hard-to-read fine print at the bottom of the page it states that by signing the form you are agreeing to a $1,188 annual listing for a term of two years in their online directory.

So, the message is simple: Be sure you or the people in your office who could perhaps deal with something like this know exactly what it is that you are agreeing to before signing and returning any form. Read the fine print carefully. What they are doing is perfectly legal and it is binding. The number of these types of solicitations that we continue to get in the mail or via fax has me convinced that the companies must get a pretty decent return on these blanket-type solicitations.


Racking up the years …

• Mark, Kelly and Bill Rode, owners of Valu-Wide Discounts in Portola, are enjoying their second successful year. In addition to great prices, this little gold mine offers shoppers “a little bit of everything,” from dry goods, clothing, sundries and pharmaceuticals to gift items and candy with new arrivals daily.

• Two years ago Rick and Eileen Greenly bought Dunn’s Midtown Coffee — a popular gathering spot for many in Quincy. They are also longtime owners and operators of Papa Murphy’s Take ’n’ Bake Pizza, which is next to this specialty coffee, bakery and sandwich café in the post office complex.

• We are happy to note that Tim Ringo, current owner of 35-year-old Bob’s Janitorial and Carpet Cleaning, is in his second year as the business’s proprietor. Not one to shy away from working hard, Tim specializes in janitorial work, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, flood damage and restoration.

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