Almanor Recreation seats new of directors

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When the clock struck midnight Dec. 5, the Almanor Recreation and Park District came close to having no board of directors as a result of expiration of terms and no members of the community filing for the board seats.

Having been made aware of the situation by the Plumas County Elections Office, Plumas County District 3 Supervisor Sherrie Thrall took action to place the appointments of Shane Bergmann, Kate West and Michelle Gosney on a mid-November Board of Supervisors agenda. The full Board of Supervisors approved the appointments and a district quorum was formed.

ARPD then held a special meeting Dec. 6 for the primary purpose of appointing two additional members to the board of directors. By unanimous vote, Sean Delacour and Vanessa Hoyt are now part of the district’s governing board.

Supervisor Thrall was present and administered the oath of office to each.

The above appointment actions have different results, according to the California Elections Code. Bergmann, West and Gosney, by virtue of being appointed by the BOS, fill regular two- and four-year terms.

Delacour and Hoyt do not fill terms but rather fill vacant seats on the board. They will do so until they file for office and are voted into position at the next general election.

The election of directors to office was the next item of business. Delacour’s presented slate of nominees was accepted and voted upon by the board.

Kate West will again serve as president of the board. Sean Delacour will act as vice president. Bergmann, a previous board member, was elected to the position of secretary. Hoyt will be a first-time district treasurer and Michelle Gosney will provide backup in the position of assistant secretary-treasurer.

The board also took several additional votes to appoint seated directors into specific action positions. Bergmann was voted, in accordance with the district’s bylaws, as chairman of the Chester Classic 5K Fun Run Standing Committee.

Delacour was voted chairman of the Stover Snow Park Standing Committee. He was also voted safety officer for the district and will be assisted in those mandated duties by Gosney.

Additional appointments were made that did not require an official vote. West will continue in her role as liaison to youth soccer and basketball and the Street Rod Extravaganza Committee.

Gosney will act as liaison to the district’s adult softball league and will be working on bringing two additional annual events to the community: a horseshoe tournament and a bike ride similar to the Tweed Bike Ride event offered twice annually in Chico.

In other items of business, the board members voted to contract with the Lake Almanor Fitness Center for the storage of Street Rod Extravaganza equipment. They also voted to join the Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce.

In a final vote, the board approved the district’s submission of a community-based grant to Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

A discussion was also held about future district meeting dates and times and the new board decided to make no change.

The Almanor Recreation and Park District board of directors will next meet Dec. 23, at 5:30 p.m. in the Almanor Recreation Center on Meadowbrook Loop in Chester.

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