A quick look at a year that was hardly ordinary

Feather Publishing

It’s hard to believe that another year is drawing to a close. For the next couple weeks, the Feather Publishing staff will be turning the pages of our 2013 editions to compile our annual Year in Review feature.

The Year in Review will be part of your regular newspaper scheduled to hit the newsstands on New Year’s Eve.

Sifting through a year’s worth of papers is almost always enlightening. Looking back sparks memories. Like turning the pages of a family album, we laugh at one page only to cry at the next.

But one thing is certain: No year is ordinary. And 2013 was no exception.

How often does someone successfully land a conked-out airplane on the highway in the Feather River Canyon? How about a magnitude-5.7 earthquake? We certainly don’t get many of those around here.

How about a little rural hospital in Portola winning a battle against the government? It was a David and Goliath story that probably saved dozens of other small hospitals around the state from possible bankruptcy.

Yes, 2013 was an interesting year. Our pages were filled with news both good and bad.

The good: Plumas County has survived the Great Recession. In recent months, the county announced it had a balanced budget that didn’t include more cuts and layoffs. In fact, furloughs for county workers have ended and the prospect of better times ahead appears very real. Just last week, the supervisors gave the sheriff the OK to hire three new deputies to bolster his depleted staff.

The bad: The services districts in Chester and Indian Valley were hit with scandals involving their former general managers. The charges include fraud and embezzlement of ratepayers’ money. No doubt the outcomes of these 2013 stories will be featured in the 2014 Year in Review.

The good: Thanks to an outstanding effort by U.S. Forest Service fire crews, a potentially devastating 500-acre lightning-caused cluster of wildfires in Indian Valley was contained in less than a week.

The bad: The Plumas Unified School District spent $850,000 to settle discrimination lawsuits filed by former employees.

The tragic: A Portola man died in an officer-involved shooting; a young mill worker lost his life in an accident; and a young firefighter died while fighting a wildfire.

The heartwarming: A Meadow Valley couple became the parents of identical triplets. A group of citizens helped rescue a man from the frigid Feather River after his truck went off the road.

The ongoing: The county still needs a new jail and a general plan.

Our look back at 2013 is just beginning. And this is just a small sampling of the stories that made this a year to remember.

It should be an interesting newspaper Dec. 31.

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