Ski Johnsville: Volunteers install chairlift terminal

This terminal is the most visible sign yet that progress is being made at the Johnsville Ski Hill. Volunteers erected the base terminal Nov. 18. If all goes as planned the chairlift will be operational by next winter. Photo courtesy of David E. Carmazzi
Debra Moore
Staff Writer


Whether you can wield a shovel and dig a hole or grip a pen and write a check — the Johnsville Ski Hill needs your help.

That’s the message the Eastern Plumas Recreation District board of directors wants the community to hear.

After years of planning, the ski hill is tantalizingly close to becoming operational.

Volunteers installed the base terminal for the chair lift Nov. 18 and plan to continue erecting towers until winter weather prohibits further work.

“This is a locally owned and built ski area,” said Bob Hickman, who serves on the recreation district board of directors. “Everyone who was called when we needed help has come through.”

Help has arrived in the form of labor, supplies and cash.

But more is needed to finish erecting the chairlift and readying the ski hill for next winter.

Thus far, volunteers have purchased the chairlift and put in a water system.

In addition to finishing construction, ski hill supporters would like to bring power to the hill and purchase a groomer.

“This is totally doable; totally viable,” Hickman said.

He gets excited when he talks about what the ski hill will mean to the community, not just in winter, but year-round.

“It will be perfect for mountain biking or just sightseeing,” Hickman said.

So whether it’s manual labor or monetary support, help is welcome.

The recreation district plans to sell chair sponsorships for $1,000 and tower sponsorships for $10,000.

But all donations are appreciated and can be made by writing a check to the Ski Johnsville Fund and sending it to the Eastern Plumas Recreation District at P.O. Box 391, Graeagle, CA 96103.

The Ski Johnsville Fund is managed by the Plumas Community Foundation, and all donations are tax-deductible.

More information about the ski hill is available on the website

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