East Quincy Service District Board bids adieu to Hughes

Laura Beaton
Staff Writer

Director Howard Hughes attended his last East Quincy Services District meeting on the board’s side of the table Nov. 12.

Hughes was appointed in lieu of election in December 2009 and did not file for his seat, which expires this year. He will be replaced by Bill Martin, also appointed in lieu of election. Martin will begin his term Dec. 10 when the board convenes for its next regular meeting.

The search continues for a general manager. The district has been without a general manager since David Edwards resigned in September. The district’s secretary, Shawneen Howe, is serving as interim manager until the position is filled.

The board was set to interview the one remaining candidate (two others having canceled their interviews) by telephone Nov. 15.


SCADA upgrade

Sierra Controls has nearly completed the $80,000 SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) upgrade as per the emergency order the board approved a couple months ago.

New computers, software, radios and related equipment were installed and the district’s operators have received training.

Quincy Community Services District, also served by Sierra Controls, is collaborating with EQSD on some of the SCADA software.


Unpaid bill policy

After receiving a request from staff to write off an unpaid bill, the board directed staff to determine if there is an existing policy to deal with unpaid customer bills.

The case in question involves a former customer whose house was foreclosed on and then purchased by a new owner.

The owner paid the bill from the time of purchase, but did not pay the outstanding charges of the former owner.

The board wants to determine if writing off a bill prohibits them from collecting outstanding debts in the event that a former customer signs up for EQSD services in the future.

The board voted to keep the account active at this point until a definitive policy is found or created.

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