Autumn has arrived in Almanor

Feather Publishing


Conditions in the Lake Almanor Basin made a definite turn toward autumn during September.

While our average low temperature for the month (39.6 degrees F) was 1.5 degrees above the long-term average, our average high (75.8 degrees) was 2.4 degrees below the long-term norm.

We experienced a very warm 89-degree high Sept. 8 – 10, offset by a 26-degree low Sept. 27.

Not surprisingly, there was no snow recorded during the month, although parts of the Basin did experience a brief period of sleet Sept. 25.

Our rainfall for the month amounted to just over a half-inch, bringing our total season precipitation to 1.17 inches by the end of September, a figure that precisely matches the long-term average.

The month of October typically continues our autumn cool-down, bringing us perhaps a dusting or two of snow and something under 2 inches in total precipitation.

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