Your local newspaper provides dependable source of information

Editorial Opinion

Your Community; Your Newspaper; Your Life.

That’s the theme for this year’s National Newspaper Week celebration Oct. 6 – 12. 

This year’s theme only re-enforces the way Feather Publishing has always viewed its role in the community. This is your newspaper. The paper you are holding in your hands right now is produced in partnership with you. Our goal each week is to give you a snapshot that accurately reflects the community that we all share.

We’re all about the communities we serve and the people we serve. This newspaper is a human institution that mirrors life’s joys and sorrows, successes and failures — it’s a written record of the community.

And isn’t it comforting to know that when you’ve finished reading this newspaper — one that has been carefully written and edited, and conveniently packaged — you will know more about your friends and neighbors, their children, your government, your churches, your schools, your local sports teams and your businesses and all the special deals and services they offer?

You will know who was just born and who just died. You’ll know about upcoming events and where to cast your fishing line. And you’ll know more about the life of this community than the person who didn’t read the paper.

In this new digitally driven world there are other ways to get some of this same information. And because of the deluge of information that is available on the Internet, people rely heavily on sources they trust to provide accurate content. Community newspapers like this one remain the one constant and complete source of reliable local information. 

However, the entire newspaper industry — like virtually every other industry — is in transition. Sure, some papers have struggled in recent years, but many are rebounding and more are growing. As the legendary Mark Twain once said, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.” That is the perfect answer to naysayers who have been predicting the demise of newspapers for some time now.

Newspapers like yours remain the cornerstone of our society. We’re the neighbor you see weekly in your home or office that informs, educates and entertains you. We can touch your emotions, sometimes making you angry enough to do something. Other times we can spark a memory, bring a tear or provoke a smile. 

We also recognize our role as the community’s independent watchdog, defending your right to know. Most importantly, a newspaper is the dependable voice of the community it serves — and it’s who and what the people it serves are all about. 

Thank you for letting us be Your Community; Your Life; and Your Newspaper.


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