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Indian Valley Chamber Business
Josh Huddleston

As the powers that be continue to drain county coffers with no sight of reinvestment into their future we chambers struggle on. Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) was last reported bringing in annually just over 1.1 million. Yet, not a dime of this money is being reinvested back into the industry that created it. Plumas County is stocked. We have everything to offer, the party is set, but there are no invitations being sent. Marketing is so critical to any entity. If I don’t continue to market my store, keeping my name out there I will be forced to close. We are told that TOT is up. Yes, I believe this is true. But only true when looking at the monetary bottom line. There are more lodging providers in the county than ever before and rates are higher than ever. I wonder what the overall occupancy rate is for the last few years. I bet you will find that it is down and not up.

In 2010, the Supervisors gave the Indian Valley Chamber just over $27,000. With that seed money, we tripled that figure, reinvesting just over $70k into the community. The events we host bring people into the area, they stay in the motels and camp grounds, buy groceries and gasoline, shop in our stores and partake in our wonderful way of life. 

It is a shame that there is not a Visitors Bureau to advertise our beautiful county any longer. The chambers are trying to do as much as they can in this area by putting our best foot forward and hosting as many parties as possible. But without a comprehensive marketing plan to invite guests to the party, no one is attending.

Upcoming Indian Valley events include: 

The Leaf Peeper Century Ride Oct. 5 that will take riders through our picturesque valley, up through Genesee and around Antelope Lake. This fall we are introducing our inaugural shorter ride for those who want to participate and get just a glimpse of our beautiful valley. It’s a 32-35 mile ride along the beginning route, returning to the start and they can drive out to Genesee for lunch. Go to www.indianvalley.net for info or to download entry forms.

There is a pre bike ride pasta dinner on Friday, Oct. 4, at Taylorsville Tavern from 4:30 to 9 p.m. All are invited: Leaf Peepers, Century Ride participants and community a like. This is a fundraiser for 2014 Taylorsville Pioneer Days.

On Oct. 5 it’s the 55th annual Fall Festival hosted by the Taylorsville Community Church held at Grange with handcrafted items, baked goods and the infamous quilt drawing. Doors open 11 a.m. For details call 284-6179.

Saturday, Oct. 19 “Bands & BBQ” fundraiser will take place at the Taylorsville Community Grange from 5:30-9:30 p.m. with dinner and music. For tickets and info, call 284-6534

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