More large airtankers ordered for the Hough Incident

Feather Publishing
8/19/2013 - 4:15 p.m.
The air attack supervisor on the Hough Complex has just requested two large (Type 1) airtankers and a lead plane for use on the Hough Complex.  Fire managers must make their case for why their fire should be given priority for the use of the tankers.  In this case, the air attack supervisor said the two fires above Taylorsville have grown together and are making a push towards Taylorsville.
Generally, radio traffic this afternoon indicates that firefighters are making good progress today.  Many of the smaller fires are now contained and none of the fires have made major runs or exhibited extreme fire behavior.  That could be changing as a thunderstorm moves inot the area.
There has been some discussion of weather moving into the fire area.  As the winds pick up, the lingering smoke tends to clear making it easier to effectively use aircraft.  But this is a double edged sword as the increasing winds make the fire more active.  The worst case scenario is more dry lightning storms over the area.  In addition to the possibility of more fire starts, the downdraft winds produced by the thunder cells cause very erratic gusts as they hit the ground.  This increases the fire activity and can be very dangerous for firefighters because the erratic winds can push the fire in unpredictable directions.

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