Organizations drop trail project appeals

  Two local organizations, the Sierra Access Coalition and the High Mountain Riders, dropped their appeals to the proposed Mount Hough/South Park trail project Thursday, Aug. 1.

  The two organizations had submitted the appeals July 26, the last day to file.

  Mount Hough District Ranger Mike Donald met with members of the two organizations last Thursday and walked through each point of the appeals. According to Donald, the organizations mainly needed clarification on some of the project’s proposals.

  “After we went out to the site of some of these trailheads, the organizations felt satisfied enough to drop the appeals,” stated Donald.

  Both Sierra Access Coalition and the High Mountain Riders mentioned a lack of detail as to the equestrian parking area as a concern in their appeals. Donald showed the organizations’ representatives the exact location, allowing them to visualize the proposed site more coherently.

  Another point in SAC’s appeal dealt with conflicts that arise between different user groups. Donald and both groups agreed that educating different user groups is the best way to solve this problem, and plan to hold a “Share the Trails Day” during the Fall Fest at the Mount Hough Ranger District this October.

  “We’re hoping that when different user groups get together, they will understand where they are coming from and there will be less conflict,” continued Donald.

  According to SAC’s executive director, Corky Lazzarino, not all of SAC’s appeal points were completely dealt with at last Thursday’s meeting, but enough were to enable the group to drop the appeal.

  “The bottom line is we don’t want to stop a good project,” commented Lazzarino on dropping the appeal. “We want to keep the money here in Plumas County and create some jobs.”

  The Plumas National Forest hopes to get to work on the trail project very soon. The Plumas National Forest is partnered with the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship through a cost-share agreement, which will provide local manpower to leverage the off-highway vehicle funds.

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