Plumas couple’s marriage finally recognized

James Wilson
Sports Editor

  It was a love story six years in the making, and a marriage four years waiting. On Monday, July 22, Marcie Wilde and Lisa Martinson made it official and became the first gay residents of Plumas County to marry here.

  Two weeks prior, another same-sex couple turned in a marriage license in Plumas County, but the couple lives out of the county.

  Wilde and Martinson, both very active in the community, met in Quincy in November 2007, and began dating. Within two years they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. In October 2009, Wilde and Martinson held a ceremony proclaiming their love amongst friends and family.

  For the last four years, the couple’s close friends viewed them as married. The state and federal government, however, did not.

  With the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 26 decision to overturn Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act, the notion to “make it legal” popped up in Wilde and Martinson’s minds.

  There were multiple reasons the two decided to be legally recognized as spouses. Prior to marrying, the couple had to file three tax returns as domestic partners: one to the state and two federal returns. Once DOMA is completely gone, they will only need to file two.

  Martinson, who wants to take Wilde’s name, would have had to spend $500 on a name change prior to marriage. Now the cost is $50, just like it is for a heterosexual spouse taking the name of his or her partner.

  “A lot of this little stuff is big for us,” explained Wilde. “For one, it’s a lot easier explaining to people what we are to one another. We’re married. Plain and simple.”

  Wilde went on to say she looks forward to being called Mrs., rather than Ms. In addition, if an emergency arises, there will be no denied visitation rights in a hospital.

  The couple credits the support of their friends and family as the deciding factor in legally marrying. According to Martinson, the community they surround themselves with is incredibly supportive.

  “Quincy as a small town and small community is one of the most accepting places I’ve ever been to. It’s just amazing what support is here.”

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