Plumas District Hospital bids emotional goodbye to nursing chief

  After eight years at Plumas District Hospital, Linda Jameson, who has served as the chief nursing officer as well as the interim chief executive officer, is leaving.

  On July 24 she will begin her new job as the chief nursing officer for Eastern Plumas Health Care.

  “She has been a great leader for this organization,” said PDH Chief Executive Officer Doug Lafferty during the July 11 meeting of the board of directors. “She has done an incredible job.”

  When Lafferty finished lauding Jameson and her work, the board gave her a standing ovation.

  The board also commended Jameson.

  “It’s hard for me to talk about Linda,” director Valerie Flanigan said as she teared up. “I have always been extremely impressed with her as a woman and as a leader.”

  The other board members echoed those sentiments.

  They also congratulated Cindy Crosslin, who was promoted from the hospital’s financial director to chief financial officer.

Surveys on the way

  Hospital and clinic patients will soon be receiving surveys to provide feedback on their experience, but they aren’t the only ones who will be asked to give their opinion.

  The hospital will be surveying its own employees from now through July 31, and, to encourage responses, CEO Lafferty said he will bake for the employees if there is an 80 percent return rate.

  Historically the rate has hovered around 20 percent, though last year 49 percent responded. There will also be a prize for the department with the highest participation rate.

2014 budget

  Chief Financial Officer Cindy Crosslin presented the new budget to the board for its approval.

  “This was an effort of everyone at the facility, every department manager,” she said, and added that she was impressed by the managers’ genuine commitment and enthusiasm. “I was overwhelmed; it’s a whole new world.”

  In assembling the budget, Crosslin included rate increases of 5 percent for room and board, and 4 percent for the clinic and ancillary services. (There were no increases last year.)

  Crosslin also assumed that overtime and contract labor would be reduced, and that staffing levels would be returned to the level that existed before the implementation of electronic medical records.

  Crosslin is projecting total patient revenue of $40.1 million for 2014.

  Though that number was only $35 million in fiscal year 2013, total patient revenue in 2011 was $39.5 million. The dip was attributed to the implementation of the electronic medical records, and now it’s anticipated that the numbers will rebound.

  As Crosslin reviewed anticipated revenues and expenses, board member John Kimmel reminded everyone that a budget can be changed. In addition to the information presented, Kimmel asked for a cash flow budget to be provided in the future.

  The board briefly discussed building the new facility, but Kimmel said it would be premature. He wants to see how the next few months proceed financially.

  “We need to prove we can do it,” he said.

New chief of staff

  Dr. Erin Barnes is the hospital’s new chief of staff, and Dr. Rachel Hurlburt has been elected the new vice chief.

  Lafferty commended outgoing chief, Dr. Ross Morgan, for his outstanding service.

New faces

  Dr. Thomas Luck, an internist and allergist, as well as Dr. Stephanie Fleegle, who specializes in geriatrics, will be providing services at the clinics for the next few months.

  While the hospital pursues hiring a permanent, full-time physician, temporary placements will help cover the caseload.

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