Students demonstrate in favor of Segura

Students pile together to show their support for Quincy High School Principal Sue Segura at the school district office March 12. The students called in sick from school that day to hold the protest. Photos by James Wilson
James Wilson

  Last Tuesday, March 12, students demonstrated at the Plumas Unified School District office in opposition to the board’s decision to not renew Quincy High Principal Sue Segura’s contract.

  Later in the afternoon, the students marched back to the high school to show Segura the uniformity in their support for her. More than 100 called in sick to school that day to demonstrate.

  After creating quite a bit of awareness around town, the student demonstrators filed back to the high school at 2 p.m. The students gathered on the lawn while Associated Student Body leader Madison Hokanson went into the school to fetch Segura.

  Once Segura came out and saw the number of students supporting her, she immediately burst into tears. Hokanson handed her a pile of personal hand-written letters from all the students involved. The students hushed up and Segura began addressing them.

  “This isn’t just a job,” Segura said, in tears. “It’s my passion. I love seeing you learn. I love that passion you have for education, because my heart is right there too.”

  Segura continued to express to her students her desire for their success. Segura then went on to directly address the demonstration.

  “You learned an important lesson about democracy and I learned an important lesson about Plumas County and Quincy.”

  Segura ended her speech and one by one the students walked up to her, handed her a flower and gave her a hug. Afterward Segura thanked her students and ended the demonstration by telling them to get to seventh period.

  In a later statement, Segura reiterated that she wanted the students to attend class that day. Segura sent an email out the previous day asking students to forgo the demonstration.

  “But we live in a country that students can speak their mind,” Segura continued. “I’m very touched by the support and very humbled. I’m honored to be principal at Quincy High School. Quincy is my home.”

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