State funding benefits boat patrol and probation

  It takes money to patrol Plumas County’s lakes and thanks to the state’s Boating Safety and Enforcement Financial Aid Program, the county will receive $132,511 for the next fiscal year.

  “We maintain and operate a model boat patrol program,” Sheriff Greg Hagwood told the county supervisors during their March 12 meeting, adding that it is “recognized throughout the state.”

  In addition to the grant money, the program requires a county match of $18,263, which is the estimated county boat tax.

  Supervisor Lori Simpson asked how the county’s allocation compared to other areas that contained numerous waterways.

  “We are funded exceptionally well,” Hagwood said and credited his department for maintaining a good relationship with the Department of Boating and Waterways.

Hire at the B step

  To fill a vacant nursing position as well as a management analyst job, Public Health Director Mimi Hall asked for the supervisors’ permission to hire at a higher pay level.

  Hall said that the candidates were selected after a comprehensive recruitment process and that both had agreed to accept the positions if offered the higher pay step.

  “Both candidates are more than qualified,” Hall said and added that their experience and skills led her to ask for the greater salary.

  After hearing her explanation, the board voted to grant her request.

  A nurse from Plumas District Hospital will fill the nursing position, and a former county resident who most recently worked in Alameda County will become the new management analyst.

Unexpected revenue

  The California Emergency Management Agency is giving an unanticipated $12,688 to the county’s probation department.

  Plumas County is benefiting because other counties did not spend their full grant allocations.

  Monica Richardson, the department’s fiscal officer, told the supervisors that the money would be used to cover the cost of two computers, software for a year and some wages.

  The supervisors approved accepting the additional revenue. “We’re always happy to get more money,” Supervisor Simpson said.

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