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County seeks share of Moonlight settlement

Debra Moore
Staff Writer

When thousands of acres went up in smoke during the 2007 Moonlight Fire, so did the potential for millions of dollars in revenue for Plumas County roads and schools.

Now the county is taking action to recoup some of that loss — $7,028,664 to be specific.

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Seneca board makes final decision on new CEO

Feather Publishing

Seneca Healthcare District has announced the appointment of Linda Wagner, registered nurse, as chief executive officer (CEO).

Appointed interim CEO in May, Wagner has proven her ability to lead the district financially and operationally.

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Incident commander reports Chips Fire under control

Despite containment of the 75,000-acre Chips Fire Aug. 31, Forest Service officials anticipate the fire is likely to smolder and create flair-ups until fully doused by the first heavy rainfall of the fall season. Between now and then personnel will continue mop-up operations, to include water drops, throughout the fire zone.  Photo courtesy Susan Mueller, Dyer Mountain Photography
Samantha P. Hawthorne
Staff Writer


A meeting to discuss final plans to put out the Chips Fire and restore the forest at the Chester Memorial Hall, Aug. 31, at 6 p.m., also introduced new incident commander Joe Molhoek to the public.

“This has been a long and difficult fire,” said Lawrence Crabtree, Plumas National Forest deputy supervisor. “We have been all out from the beginning. We couldn’t stop the fire, so we brought in a team to help us.”

“We spent millions of dollars on this fire and we are going to keep spending money. What we don’t want is to hear people ask why we didn’t spend more money to put it out sooner.

“We have had 72 fires so far this year. Out of the 72 fires, only two were not put out immediately. We are proud of the fact we can put out fires.”

Once the fire reached 100 percent containment, Team 4 had to examine the complexity of Chips Fire and decide what team would be best to suited to take over.

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Butt Lake & Bucks Wilderness Open

Feather Publishing

As of 9:00 am, September 7, 2012, Butt Lake Road (County Road 305) will re-open to the Butt Lake dam according to Plumas County and Plumas National Forest officials. The 305 road leaves Highway 89 near Prattville and then runs along the eastern shore of Butt Lake. PG&E facilities including the Ray Adams Boat Launch and Ponderosa Campground at the lake will re-open while the Cool Springs Campground will remain closed for the season. The fire that burned adjacent to the lake was low intensity. Most of the canopy remains green and wildlife is moving through the area.

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