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The Express Coffee Shop will be setting all profits aside on Sat. Oct. 25 to aid the sister-in-law of the owner, Lucio Macias in her fight with liver cancer. Josefina Rodriquez contracted Hepatitis C some time ago. In the process of treating that illness, doctors discovered that she had a cancer in her liver. She is on a donor list, but must undergo two weeks of treatment in Arizona before a transplant can take place. The treatment can cost up to $10,000 plus living expenses while she is in Arizona and will place a heavy financial burden on the family.
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Grace Holland remembered during vigil at FRC http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13035-grace-holland-remembered-during-vigil-at-frc http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13035-grace-holland-remembered-during-vigil-at-frc
Grace Holland’s mother, Lauré, right, joins Grace’s friends, teammates and community members during a vigil at  Feather River College.  Photos by Greg Knight
Dan McDonald
Managing Editor

About 300 people gathered at the Feather River College gymnasium last Wednesday to remember the life of Abigail “Grace” Holland.

The candlelight vigil, attended by Holland’s parents and other family members, included several speakers and an invocation by local Episcopal priest Matt Warren.

It was an emotional gathering. Holland’s family was embraced by the FRC community, including Grace’s friends and teammates.

“I can’t express how much this meant to us,” Grace’s mother, Lauré Holland, said. “The kids and faculty are just wonderful.
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Apple Fest: Come for free juice, stay for good time http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13036-apple-fest-come-for-free-juice-stay-for-good-time http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13036-apple-fest-come-for-free-juice-stay-for-good-time Apples Maggie Barrett picks apples for Apple Fest. Miriam S. Cody
Staff Writer

It was a Monday afternoon at Dawn Gardens, an organic produce farm in Indian Falls. Intern Maggie (Magnolia) Barrett weighed 3-pound bags of fresh-picked apples while Manuel Boehmer, farm manager, greeted a friend who came to help repair a piece of equipment. The farm is currently in preparation for Apple Fest 2014.

The 26th annual Apple Festival is set for Sunday, Oct. 26, starting at noon. Guests are invited at no charge to come and juice apples from the farm, or their own apples if they choose to bring them. There will be four cider presses at the party for everyone to use.]]>
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Quincy couple turns to life of travel http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13003-quincy-couple-turns-to-life-of-travel http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13003-quincy-couple-turns-to-life-of-travel
From left: Katie Bagby, founder of Quincy Collective; Amy Schulz, entrepreneurship instructor at Feather River College; and Tiffiney Lozano, co-owner of Wild Child Travels, mug for the camera before the launch of Quincy Collective on Oct. 7. Photo submitted
Debra Moore
Staff Writer

Diego and Tiffiney Lozano did what many couples do once they marry and decide it’s time to settle down — they took secure jobs, bought a house and had children — but it wasn’t working for them.

“There was a moment in 2012 when I thought, ‘This is not how it’s supposed to be,’” Tiffiney said.

Flash forward two years. Diego and Tiffiney sold their home, quit their jobs and are about to embark on a new adventure.

The couple told their story Oct. 7 to a packed room during the opening reception for Quincy Collective, a new endeavor by life coach Katie Bagby.
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Apple JOLT offers chance to make use of forgotten fruit http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13042-apple-jolt-offers-chance-to-make-use-of-forgotten-fruit http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13042-apple-jolt-offers-chance-to-make-use-of-forgotten-fruit Feaather Publishing

The third annual Apple JOLT (Juice ’em Or Lose Them), organized by Transition Quincy, will take place Saturday, Oct. 25, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the white house across the street from Quincy Natural Foods.

The community is invited to scour Quincy for apples and bring them to the event for juicing. Volunteers will help to crush and squeeze the apples into juice. Participants are encouraged to bring clean bottles in which to carry home the finished juice to enjoy.

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Portola volunteer firefighter battles leukemia http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13006-portola-volunteer-firefighter-battles-leukemia http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13006-portola-volunteer-firefighter-battles-leukemia
Laurie Sears
Shelley Wilkerson
Staff Writer

  “I’m concerned about fire. I think residents need to be more aware,” said Lauri Sears. Lauri and her husband Pete Sears have been volunteers with the Eastern Plumas Fire District  since 2007.  Pete is a volunteer firefighter and Lauri works at their thrift srtore.

  Lauri has been on leave from the Portola Fire Department since April, when she was diagnosed with acute leukemia.]]>
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Fall burning project planned for Chips Fire area http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13020-fall-burning-project-planned-for-chips-fire-area http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13020-fall-burning-project-planned-for-chips-fire-area Feather Publishing

Residents and visitors to the area of the Lassen National Forest where the Chips Fire burned in 2012 might soon notice some smoke in the air.

That’s because a prescribed burning project is planned in units burned during the Chips Fire that were recently helicopter salvaged. Additional small-diameter snags have been felled, creating concentrations of fuel scattered throughout the units.
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Native plant meeting focuses on seeds http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13017-native-plant-meeting-focuses-on-seeds http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13017-native-plant-meeting-focuses-on-seeds Feather Publishing

A California Native Plant Gathering is set for Thursday, Oct. 23, at 6 p.m. at the Quincy library at 445 Jackson St.

The gathering is facilitated by David Popp to connect and learn with others interested in seeing, growing, propagating and sharing knowledge.
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Parents express concern over school board’s lack of teacher support http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13005-parents-express-concern-over-school-board-s-lack-of-teacher-support http://plumasnews.com/index.php/13005-parents-express-concern-over-school-board-s-lack-of-teacher-support James Wilson
Staff Writer

“There seems to be a lack of support from the board. In general, this creates a poor school culture.”

Those were the sentiments Bridget Isham, expressed to the Plumas Unified School District board during the public input portion of the regular meeting of the Plumas County Board of Education at Portola High School on Oct. 9.
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