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“There is an urgent need for a cooperative effort in our community to save our nursing home.”

Dr. Ross Morgan
Medical Director
Quincy Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
Debra Moore
Staff Writer

Local healthcare leaders learned last week that the skilled nursing hospital in Quincy is slated for closure, which would result in the relocation of more than three dozen patients and the loss of 60 jobs. 

“There is an urgent need for a cooperative effort in our community to save our nursing home,” said Dr. Ross Morgan, the facility’s medical director. 

Denise Huggins, the manager of Quincy Nursing & Rehabilitation, received notification Jan. 14 that the nursing home’s parent company planned to close the facility due to financial losses. The facility has gone by a number of different names over the years, and was known as Country Villa from November of 2007 to the end of March 2014. The licensee of the facility is CF Quincy, LLC.

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Plumas Audubon Society to present on local birds at MCRC Speakers Bureau
Jerry Williams assists researchers in their tracking of the rough-legged hawk. Photos courtesy Plumas Audubon Society
Feather Publishing

Plumas County is a rich and diverse area that is home to many animals. Because the county has little development and numerous lakes and waterways, the area naturally attracts a wide variety of birds and is an area of interest to birders and wildlife enthusiasts, many of whom travel here specifically to observe them.

This diversity of birds is part of what makes the county unique and a great place to live and visit. Some of the birds that visit the area are rare — migratory birds that return year after year from exotic places across thousands of miles of ocean and land. Even in winter there are many species of birds that call Plumas County home.

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School board attributes cost of facility repairs to not meeting state minimum on classroom spending James Wilson
Staff Writer

Plumas Unified School District was not able to spend the state-mandated minimum percentage of its budget in the classroom, board president Leslie Edlund announced at the Jan. 15 board meeting.

The state requires each school district to spend at least 55 percent of its budget in the classroom, but PUSD only spent 47.1 percent during the 2013-14 year.
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Rancheria welcomes new doctor, sees all patients
Dr. Roger Cox
Miriam S. Cody
Staff Writer

The Greenville Rancheria welcomed a new care provider to its Greenville office, Dr. Roger Cox. Cox has worked for the Greenville Rancheria Tribal Health Center in Red Bluff since 2011.

He came to Greenville originally to fill in and he liked the area, he said, so he moved. Dr. Margaret Alspaugh, executive director of the Greenville Rancheria, said Cox specializes in diabetes.]]> (MichaelC) -Headline News Wed, 21 Jan 2015 19:27:04 -0800
Plumas birder breaks personal record down under
This southern cassowary, spotted by Colin Dillingham, lives in Kuranda, an area in Queensland, Australia. The flightless bird has no keel on its sternum bone.
James Wilson
Staff Writer

When listening to Quincy’s Colin Dillingham talk about birding, one must pay extra attention. He uses a lot of “fowl” language.

Dillingham just finished breaking a personal record for the number of bird species he has seen in one year. Partly due to a trip to Australia, Dillingham marked 625 species for 2014.

Dillingham arrived back in Quincy last week, energized for another year of birding, the hobby that has taken him to the ends of the world.
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Supervisors discuss business permits, but want more info Debra Moore
Staff Writer

When it comes to Plumas County issuing business licenses, there are more questions than answers.

“No one knows what businesses are here,” Supervisor Lori Simpson said. “We should get with the program.”
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Supervisors hear some good news; Utility company will pay its portion of underground work Debra Moore
Staff Writer


The Plumas Board of Supervisors meeting Jan. 13 opened with some good news — Frontier Communications will pay to underground its lines along the Highway 89 corridor in Greenville.

Public Works Director Bob Perreault made the announcement following a conference call with representatives from the company.

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New association aims to support county grand jury Dan McDonald
Managing Editor

Civil grand juries have been around for centuries. They came to America with the first settlers from Europe.

The grand jury plays a vital watchdog role to help ensure local government — along with public schools, police and special districts — does the best job possible for its citizens.
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College foundation presents Dancing with the Stars Feather Publishing

The widely known primetime show “Dancing with the Stars” is leaping out of the television and sashaying its way into Plumas County. The Feather River College Foundation is presenting its own version of the popular television show and organizers say the event is guaranteed to have high ratings.

The Plumas-Sierra Fairgrounds will the setting the evening of Feb. 13. At 7 p.m. 10 couples, consisting of Plumas County’s most popular “celebrities,” will leave it all on the dance floor as they compete for the gold and roses.

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