August Fest brings stiff competition

Portola’s Tabi Martinez and Chester’s Antonia Marro go head to head at the August Fest Tournament at Feather River College this last weekend. Both girls were named most valuable players for their strong contributions. In the one game the two teams faced each other, Chester won 2-0. Photos by James Wilson
James Wilson
Sports Editor

Quincy’s boys and girls soccer teams hosted the annual August Fest tournament at the high school and Feather River College last Friday and Saturday, drawing teams from all over the area.

In addition to Quincy, Chester’s girls team showed up to compete, as did Portola’s girls and newly formed boys team. The two-day tournament spurred many ups and downs on the field.

Boys’ tournament

Six teams competed in the boys’ tournament. Portola, Truckee, Butte Valley, Tulelake and Redding Christian all came to Quincy to play. Tulelake and Redding Christian were the top two teams, with Redding Christian eventually winning the championship in extra time.

Quincy stood its own, placing third overall. Portola, in its first set of games as a team, placed fifth to beat out Butte Valley.

On Friday, Quincy was unstoppable. The Trojans took down Butte Valley 4-0 then Truckee in a shootout after the teams tied 0-0. Quincy outscored Truckee 3-1 to win the shootout.

Quincy coach Colin Dillingham named Che Rubalcava-Cunan as the player of the game against Truckee for his control of the center of the field. Rubalcava-Cunan also scored two of the goals against Butte Valley. Erik Schwartz scored the other two.

Portola didn’t fare as well on Friday. The Tigers played the two best teams in the tournament on day one, and were shut out both matches. Tulelake beat Portola 5-0 and Redding Christian won 4-0.

Quincy started the second day of the tournament in a match against Tulelake. The match was hard-fought, but Tulelake scraped out a 1-0 win. Later in the morning, Quincy and Portola played, and the game stayed pretty even.

The ball was on Portola’s side for the majority of the game, but the Tiger goalkeeper, Chris Abalos, kept deflecting shot after shot. By the end of the allotted time, the score was tied up 2-2 and the two teams entered a shootout. Quincy prevailed, 3-1.

Portola’s final game of the day was against Butte Valley. The Tigers proved that though they’re a new team, they still had a fighting spirit to win 3-1. Abalos was named Portola’s MVP for the tournament.

Quincy finally went up against Truckee for third place. The two teams tied 2-2 and the winner was decided in a shootout. Quincy finally won with the final shot into the net. Dale Morgan was named Quincy’s MVP for the tournament for his excellent defensive play.

Girls’ tournament

Competition was fierce at the FRC soccer field over the weekend, with seven teams participating in the tournament. Chester went the furthest of the Plumas County teams, eventually losing out 3-0 to Whittell in the championship game to place second overall.

Up until the championship, Chester went undefeated in the tournament. The Volcanoes took down Susanville 1-0 and Tulelake 3-1 the first day of August Fest. On Saturday, Chester beat Portola 2-0 and scraped out a 1-0 win against Quincy.

Antonia Marro was named Chester’s MVP. Marro, the team’s defensive captain, was named MVP for her solid performance in all five games.

“The first game, winning against Susanville was crucial,” said Chester coach Eric O’Kelley. “It got us off to a good start. We enjoy this tournament every year. It gives us a good variety and exposure. It’s nice to play teams outside the league.”

Portola also started its play with a win, against Quincy. The Tigers took down the hosting team 2-0 Friday. Later in the day, Portola lost 3-0 to Whittell. On Saturday, in addition to losing to Chester, Portola fell 4-0 to Susanville.

“It was a brutal game against Susanville,” said Portola coach Thomas Cormany. “With such small numbers on the team, my girls were worn out by the final day. I’m proud of them, though. Though it was a loss, they played well.”

Cormany named Tabi Martinez Portola’s MVP. Martinez scored all the goals for her team during the tournament.

In addition to losing to Chester and Portola, Quincy lost 3-1 to Truckee the first day of the tournament. Until this last weekend, it had been two years since Quincy won its last game. On Saturday, all that changed.

The Trojans took on Tulelake and won 2-0. Rachel Hanna was named the team’s MVP for scoring two of the three goals Quincy made during the tournament. Ava Hagwood scored the other goal.

“I’m very excited for the season,” said Quincy coach Sara Goard. “The girls just clicked this weekend. We played well. I’m happy to see it’s happening so early in the season. I don’t want to single one player out, because it was such a team effort.”

All the teams seemed to appreciate the chance to get an early start on the season, and test out their skills against teams they won’t be playing during league play. For all the teams’ schedules for the season, see page 6C.

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