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   These are a few of the stories you will find in this week's printed newspaper:
  • Fire district responds: The Graeagle Fire Protection District’s board explains its process for annexing the Feather River Inn development into the GFPD
  • Storm aftermath: The first winter storm to hit Plumas County the season wasn’t as strong as forecasters predicted, but it still toppled trees and left thousands without power.
  • Costly chase: Three Caltrans snowplows and a CHP vehicle were badly damaged after a man stole a snowplow and led officers on a two-hour chase.

Three men suffer minor injuries after CHP car collides with garbage truck

Dan McDonald
Firemen assist victims behind a smashed California Highway Patrol car following a collision with an InterMountain Disposal garbage truck on Highway 70 near Beckwourth Thursday, Dec. 8. Photo courtesy California Highway Patrol
Staff Writer
Updated 12/14/2011

A collision between a California Highway Patrol car and a garbage truck sent three men to the hospital with minor injuries Thursday, Dec. 8.

All three were checked out at Eastern Plumas Health Care and released following the 10 a.m. crash on Highway 70 near Beckwourth.

The accident was still under investigation as of Friday, Dec. 9, when the CHP allowed a Feather Publishing reporter to view the in-car video showing the moments leading up to the collision.

According to the CHP report, an InterMountain Disposal (IMD) truck, driven by Travis Schiavone, of Portola, was attempting to cross Highway 70 from North Industrial Way.

After stopping to let traffic clear, Schiavone attempted to cross the highway. He told the CHP that he didn’t see Officer Matt McCurley’s eastbound patrol car.

McCurley, who was the fourth in a line of vehicles, appeared to be traveling near the posted speed limit of 65 miles an hour prior to the collision. The video indicated the patrol car was about 100 to 150 feet behind the car in front of it.

McCurley reportedly told an investigator that he was “looking away” just prior to the crash. There were no skid marks from the patrol car before it hit the right rear of the trash truck.

The impact smashed the front of the 2009 Ford Crown Victoria patrol car and caused the garbage truck to lean to the left, lifting its right wheels off the ground.

The truck traveled southbound through the intersection about 60 feet before it overturned on its left side.

According to CHP spokesman James Stowe, Schiavone said he didn’t realize there had been a collision and wondered why the truck was leaning.

McCurley, Schiavone and a passenger in the IMD truck, Levi Scott, were transported to the hospital for evaluation and released the same day.

McCurley sustained minor back injuries. Schiavone had neck pain, and Scott had minor knee pain.

“We are just glad everyone is OK,” said IMD spokeswoman Tanya Ross-Ward. “That is our main concern. It was pretty scary.”

Ross-Ward said IMD mechanics were trying to determine the extent of damage to the truck. Stowe said the patrol car was totaled.

No citations were issued at the scene, but Stowe said the IMD truck “clearly made an inappropriate crossing of the highway.”

He said video from the camera inside the patrol car was being evaluated.

Stowe added that the investigation includes statements from the driver of the vehicle that was directly in front of the patrol car going the same direction. He said the driver of a car traveling the opposite direction also witnessed the crash.


What was the officer doing that didn't allow him to notice a big garbage truck out in front of him? Text records?
<br /><br />Still getting ready for that Form 8, eh?
I am glad to hear that everyone was fine. We all know that the roads out there in the Valley catch us off guard every now and again.<br /><br />Matt is an awesome officer. Glad your alright.
Did any of you witness the accident, interviewed witnesses, or watched the tape? No. Quit making assumptions, you only look ignorant.
I think it's been determined that the CHP was not driving at the high rate of speed that was originally suspected. Which brings up the more important question: What was the officer doing that didn't allow him to notice a big garbage truck out in front of him? Text records?
Looks like the CHP was traveling at a high rate of speed like always. Do they ever go the speed limit?? NO!! Save California some money and move the CHP out of Quincy. Its over kill with Plumas County Sheriff.
I am glad i did not give last name probably would have gotten phone calls.sorry craig not what i used to be,after stroke 5 years ago.We all will pay for this accident when imd insurance goes up!Yes i am a punk.
Wayne, if you're so smart and understand "the wife's" reason she made the comment, then perhaps you can explain why you don't understand the proper use of commas. You're kind of a punk. Nevermind the run on sentence.
Kristen Schiavone Friday, 16 December 2011
I had enough guts to put my full name down and put my feelings out there. Wayne didn’t bother to add his last name.What kind of unfeeling person wouldn’t be worried about the unknown? Wayne has a right to make comments about me! I can do the same and I say shame on you Wayne.
To the wife of the imd driver,we all know the only reason you made your comment on this matter,is only your concern of your husbands future employment with imd,if he did pull out in front of that officer in a several ton vehicle he should be fired,cited and go to jail.




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