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Woman attempts suicide on day jury reads guilty verdict

Dan McDonald
Staff Writer

The day a jury convicted her of felony burglary, Nov. 2, Rebecca Victoria Loretz cut her wrists.

Loretz was still at a Reno hospital a week after trying to kill herself on the day she failed to appear in Plumas County Superior Court to hear the verdict.

The 38-year-old former Graeagle resident, who was released from intensive care at Renown Regional Medical Center Friday, Nov. 11, will face extradition to Plumas County when she recovers.

Loretz is expected to spend some time hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation, according to her family.

“This is all just very sad,” said Loretz’s father, Art Wolfe, who was also one of Loretz’s burglary victims. “I really don’t know what to say right now. I just hope they can give her some treatment.”

Wolfe and his wife Zoe, who is Loretz’s stepmother, later provided some details of the events that took place Nov. 2 and beyond.

“We went to see her at the hospital,” Zoe Wolfe said. “And she said ‘Well, I don’t blame you for everything.’

“I couldn’t believe she said that. This is all a big ploy … Trust me,” Zoe Wolfe said. “This woman is the drama queen of the century. She’s doing everything she can to keep from going to prison.”

Loretz faces up to eight years in prison after being convicted on two “serious felony” counts of residential burglary, two felony counts of receiving stolen property and one misdemeanor count of falsely reporting a crime.

Loretz burglarized her father’s home and later stole property from a home she was renting.

“This was a particularly difficult and trying case for the victims and the investigating officers,” Plumas County District Attorney David Hollister said two days after Loretz was convicted. “The defendant perpetrated crimes not only based on financial motivation, but also out of spite.”

In late 2009, after months of dissension with Art Wolfe, Loretz was served with a move-out order forcing her to leave her father’s Graeagle residence.

After Loretz moved out and Wolfe took possession of the home, he left town for the weekend.

That’s when Loretz broke into Wolfe’s house and stole about $10,000 worth of items. Among the items she took were her deceased mother’s ashes.

Months later, Loretz and her husband, Martin Loretz, rented another house in Graeagle.

While there, Loretz stole approximately $50,000 worth of the homeowner’s property.

In an effort to hide her crime, Loretz called the police and reported the home had been burglarized while she was away.

About a month after the reported burglary, the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office served Loretz with search warrants.

Deputies and detectives searched Graeagle Mini Storage units rented by Loretz. They also searched the home Loretz and her husband were renting at the time.

The searches turned up much of the stolen property from both of Loretz’s burglaries.

The jury trial lasted six days. It featured testimony of 14 witnesses, including Loretz.

Martin and Rebecca Loretz, who live in Sparks, drove to Quincy each day for the trial. However, according to the Wolfes, Rebecca told Martin she was going to drive herself on the day the verdict was to be read.

They said Martin Loretz returned to the apartment on the afternoon of Nov. 2 to find Rebecca covered in blood. They said she was also suffering from a drug overdose.

Martin Loretz, who faced charges similar to those of his wife, pleaded guilty Thursday, Nov. 10, to one felony count of first-degree burglary.

He is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 6, 2012.


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