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Highway 70 update at Spanish Creek Bridge

Feather Publishing
10/12/2011 update: From PG&E spokesman Paul Moreno

"Because of the conditions of the hill stability, we are not going to repair or replace the pole which leaned after the earthslide.  Instead, PG&E is installing about five new wooden poles and about 2,000 feet of new powerlines east of the slide, where the ground is more stable."
"Today crews are preparing the new right-of-way and will work through the weekend, and we expect to complete the job and get power back on to the 20 customers on Sunday.  Many of these customers are non-residential (Caltrans, phone, railroad facilities), but we've reached out to all customers to keep them informed of our progress.  We apologize for the inconvenience this power interruption has caused for customers.  We've worked hard each day to assess the situation and to develop a plan for safe and reliable restoration of power, and worked closely with agencies like Caltrans and the U.S. Forest Service to make progress on the assessment and new right-of-way."


A mudslide above the Spanish Creek Bridge construction area Sunday night, Oct. 9, caused the anchor rods supporting a power pole to slip, dropping transmission lines across Highway 70, seven miles north of Quincy. The road was closed and power was out to the greater Quincy area until Pacific Gas and Electric crews could get to the scene and cut the lines. Power was restored in about an hour, and the highway reopened to one-way controlled traffic by 7:30 a.m. Monday.



Photo by Mike Taborski

As of Monday afternoon, PG&E representative Paul Moreno said, “We are awaiting Caltrans making the slide safe and are developing a plan of restoration to either repair or replace the poles and wires. Once we can get a good look at the actual pole and ground area we can then finalize our restoration plans.”

Motorists are advised to call 800-427-ROAD before traveling to get the latest road condition updates, or visit the following Caltrans website:


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