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   These are the stories we are working on for this week's newspaper:
  • Image makeover needed: In the soon-to-be-released grand jury report, the jurors said the county’s Alcohol and Drug and Mental Health departments are suffering from a poor public image.
  • Help at the jail: The Board of Supervisors approved the sheriff’s request to hire four corrections officers, but not before reminding him the county is facing a $3 million budget problem.
  • Water disaster?: The state has already enacted emergency conservation measures. The county is thinking about declaring a local disaster as well.

Supervisors approve Visitors Bureau funding with Plumas Corp

Joshua Sebold
Staff Writer

The Plumas County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a $150,000 contract with Plumas Corporation, primarily for Visitor’s Bureau services, at a Tuesday, Oct. 12, meeting.

The board approved contracts for $111,495 total with the various county chambers of commerce and a $29,700 agreement with Plumas Arts without incident at a September meeting.

Indian Valley Supervisor Robert Meacher told his fellow board members he met with Quincy Supervisor Lori Simpson and Jack Ingstad to work on the Plumas Corp. contract.

Plumas Corp. Executive Director John Sheehan explained that the general administration line item had been reduced from 16.8 percent of the prior year’s contract to 13 percent of the current one.

He said the GA accounts for $19,504 of the contract and the county is no longer being charged for any phone usage in the Plumas Corp office.

Meacher and Simpson acknowledged that the BOS previously set a target of allocating no more than 10 percent of the contract for GA.

They recommended that the board approve this contract and try to get down to the 10 percent target in the following budget year.

Simpson added that Sheehan explained how office expenses were broken down by program and that the county was paying its fair share in its Visitor’s Bureau contribution.

Graeagle Supervisor Ole Olsen asked if Plumas Corp worked closely with accommodation providers.

Sheehan told him the Visitor’s Bureau was “in contact with most of the motel owners in Plumas County,” keeping track of who had openings.

Simpson added that the VB had an online vacancy list and that people could check that or go to the VB building, where a staff person would help them look up information.


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