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Carrillo-Garcia sentenced

Joshua Sebold
Staff Writer

    Reyes Carrillo-Garcia was sentenced to two consecutive terms of life in prison without parole Monday, Nov. 23, the maximum sentence possible given the fact the death penalty had been ruled out.
    He also received a consecutive sentence of two years in prison for two enhancements, because he used a knife in the killings.
    Finally, he was ordered to pay around $50,000 in restitution to families and the victims compensation board.
    Carrillo-Garcia was found guilty of the murder in May 2008 of Jenny Carrigan of Chester and Steven Furtado of Willows.
    Parents of both victims gave statements before the court, and both included sections directly addressing the murderer.
    Dan and Denise Furtado described some of their memories of their son and told Carrillo-Garcia “you decided that these memories were to be all we would ever have. For every one we had, you took two.”
    Jodie Carrigan told the murderer she had known him since he was young and she felt betrayed.
    “I just don’t get it, and now they’re gone. I lost my son, too. I just don’t understand why,” she told him.
    All three parents and members of the audience began to break down at various parts of the proceedings, particularly as the speeches were read and the sentence was announced.
    Even Judge Ersel Edwards had to take a moment after listening to the statements, telling the packed courtroom he had to “regain his bearings.”
    After the sentencing, District Attorney Jeff Cunan said this was “the worst case I’ve ever been a part of,” that it had a massive impact on everyone involved, and that “it was the right result.”
    Carrillo-Garcia was found guilty of two counts of murder, an enhancement for the use of a knife and two special circumstances for “lying in wait” and “multiple murder” when his trial ended in October.
    The death penalty was ruled out before his trial began after the Furtado family voiced its preference that Carrillo-Garcia should spend the rest of his life in prison.
    Look for a more complete report on the proceedings in next week’s newspaper.

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