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Search for former FRC student ends with body found

Lucius Robbi
James Wilson
Sports Editor

A massive search for a missing Feather River College alumnus ended in Idaho the evening of Aug. 28, with the discovery of his body and car.

Lucius Robbi was believed to have died from injuries sustained in a single-vehicle crash in Custer County, Idaho.

Idaho police were searching for Robbi, who vanished on his way from his summer job in Idaho to the University of Montana.

According to national media reports, Robbi, 21, left FRC in May, and took a job as a rafting guide for Cascade Raft and Kayak in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. On Tuesday, Aug. 19, Robbi left Horseshoe Bend for Missoula, Montana, to attend the fall semester at University of Montana.

Robbi reportedly packed up his 1997 green Subaru Legacy with California plates and two orange kayaks strapped to the roof and took off. There had been no sightings of Robbi since then.

According to CBS News, a gas station in Garden Valley, Idaho, may have picked up a sighting of Robbi’s car on one of its surveillance cameras. The image of a green Subaru Legacy with kayaks on top was time-stamped Aug. 19 at 2:23 p.m.

The video gave the Boise County Sheriff’s Office a starting point to its search. In addition to the Idaho police, Robbi’s family and several current and former students of FRC’s outdoor recreational leadership program traveled to Idaho to help in the search.

According to FRC’s ORL director, Rick Stock, Robbi’s disappearance threw up some major red flags. Stock believed Robbi wouldn’t consciously disappear, but rather that something must have been wrong.

“He was a star student,” said Stock. “He was an icon in the program. Lucius was well-liked, intelligent and responsible. For him to not show up when he was supposed to is way too out of character for him.”

A Facebook page called “Finding Lucius” was set up to help the volunteers coordinate their search. Search volunteers shared information and posted locations that were searched.

In addition, to help with expenses for Robbi’s family and the rest of the volunteers, a fundraising account was set up on According to KBOI, a news station out of Boise, Robbi’s family raised enough money to hire a private helicopter to continue the search from the air.

After more than a week of searching, the private helicopter pilot spotted the tip of a kayak in the trees near the Stanley Lake turnoff in Custer County, the media outlet reported. Robbi and his vehicle were found, covered in major brush.

According to Custer County coroner Vicki Armbruster, Robbi died of blunt force trauma to the head in a car crash. It is believed that it took so long to find him because thunderstorms washed away any tire tracks.

The public outpouring of support for Robbi’s family was evident in the number of posts on the “Finding Lucius” Facebook page. In post after post, people who were touched by Robbi in his lifetime shared memories and sent heartfelt condolences to his family.



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