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Judge dismisses sexual assault charges against QHS grad Reed

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A Michigan judge last week dismissed rape charges against former Quincy High School sports standout Evan Reed.

According to reports from several Detroit-area media outlets, the judge ruled the accuser wasn’t credible and it wasn’t proven that she was incapacitated.

“I’m just extremely happy,” the 28-year-old Reed told the Detroit Free Press after the Thursday, Aug. 21, hearing in Detroit. “I can have all of my focus on baseball again.”

Reed, a professional baseball player in the Detroit Tigers’ minor league system, was accused of sexual misconduct with a 45-year-old woman.

According to national media reports, the charges alleged the incident took place March 30 after Reed met the woman at a Detroit-area bar.

During the Aug. 21 court proceedings, the woman testified for about 90 minutes.

Judge Kenneth King said the woman “backtracked” and gave “vacillating testimony.”

The judge ruled the woman wasn’t incapacitated, as she claimed. Surveillance video showed her walking up stairs without difficulty.

“She wasn’t wobbling, she wasn’t falling, she wasn’t stumbling,” the judge said. “And she was wearing high heels.”

Reed has said he “did nothing wrong,” and that the sex was consensual. Reed’s attorney, David Gorcyca, called the charges “mind-boggling.”

Maria Miller, a spokeswoman for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office, said in a statement: “At this time a decision has not been made regarding an appeal of the dismissal of the case.”

Reed, a 2004 Quincy High graduate, has been pitching for the Tigers’ Triple-A Toledo Mudhens.

The Tigers signed Reed in April 2013. He started the season with the Tigers and was on the roster when the alleged incident took place.

Reed was sent to Toledo in June. Detroit’s manager, Brad Ausmus, told the Free Press that Reed’s demotion had nothing to do with the sexual assault allegations.

So much for woman's rights!!
Good for the judge! Looks like the woman was just hoping for a payday. Screw her rights!
Are there charges against the woman for false accusations?
Probably not. So much for men's rights!
A guy should not have to be falsely accused of a rape he didn't do, and a rapist shouldn't be able to claim the sex was consensual. I also feel that if a woman isn't sure she wants to have sex, she should say "No", and the guy should respect her refusal.
i went to highschool with evan reed, he is no rapist, his dad was our basketball coach, he was always a calm good natured person with no harmful intensions, hell i never even knew of him evev being aggressive toward anything man or woman, he was more shy and non-confrontational. he's a good lookin dude that some cougar thought was going to get a payday but once she realized she was going to be nothing but a bootycall she tried the other rought to get his money,she should be the one put away for rape beacuse she totally screwed him more than he screwed her.



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