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Superintendent's contract extended

Laura Beaton
Staff Writer

It looks like Plumas Unified School District Superintendent Micheline Miglis is here to stay – until 2017 at least. At the board’s June 25 meeting, trustees approved an addendum to the superintendent’s contract, extending her term until the end of the 2017 school year.

Miglis was hired in October of 2012 as superintendent of PUSD. The Plumas County Office of Education board (the same members as PUSD) appointed Miglis to the county superintendent position shortly after she was hired.

Plumas County is one of the few in the state that have only a single school district. It is common in such instances that the superintendent of the district is also the superintendent of the county office of education.

Miglis ran unopposed to retain her county seat last month and won the PCOE superintendent election with more than 95 percent of the vote.

Local Control Accountability Plan

School districts throughout the state were charged this year with a new task: to create a new way to establish what was previously known as their Local Control Funding Formula.

Implemented just this spring, the Local Control Accountability Plan dictates that each school district must engage parents, educators, employees and the community to establish the plan.

Accordingly, the county office of ed LCAP involved a plethora of county agencies; social services, juvenile justice, foster youth services and public health, along with a high school senior and the top administrators of PCOE.

Miglis presented the 24-page plan for the board’s approval. She explained that districts across the state complained fiercely about the template.

Nevertheless, the LCAP team successfully waded through the ungainly formatting and produced the required document, which had to address eight specific areas mandated by the state.

The team was jubilant over their success. They said that working together with other community organizations was beneficial and allows for a student-centered outcome that best serves children.

Miglis also presented LCAPs from Plumas Charter School and PUSD for board approval. PUSD is the authorizer for the charter school, and as such is responsible for approving its LCAP.

She stressed that the LCAP is a living document, and will be updated to reflect student needs and outcomes based on data-driven assessments.

Common Core, technology and budget updates

Dr. Ed Thompson, Director of Student Performance, Assessment and Instructional Services presented a report on the district’s implementation of Common Core State Standards.

Also known as 21st Century Teaching and Learning, Common Core implementation began in the 2013-14 school year and is projected through the 2015-16 school year.

One of the prevailing features of 21st Century Learning is technology, and Thompson also gave a presentation outlining the district’s technology plan for the next three years.

The board approved allocating $1.6 million toward technology upgrades in the 2014-15 proposed budget, with the goal of establishing a student-to-computer ratio of 3-to-1 in the next school year. By the end of the third year, the plan calls for a 1-to-1 ratio.

Business director Yvonne Bales presented the proposed budget for board approval, including assignments of the 2014-15 fund balance.

Other high dollar assignments were $50,000 for electronic board agendas, $350,000 to digitize archived records and $178,680 for vehicle and equipment replacement.

On top of the $690,198 reserve for economic uncertainties, the proposed budget reflects almost $900,000 in its ending fund balance.

Major water leak

Maintenance supervisor Ken Pierson asked the board to approve urgent emergency repairs to Quincy High School’s water main. Pierson said maintenance crews have been repairing and patching together old metal pipes for several months after QHS experienced several water leaks.

Pierson said the pipe appears to be from the 1940’s, and is in dire need of replacement. He said the job will be challenging as there are numerous other pipes located very near the water pipes, including sewer, irrigation and electrical conduits.

The board approved the declaration of emergency, allowing Pierson to move forward to complete the work without undergoing a formal bid process.

Charter – District MOU

The second year of the memorandum of understanding between the district and Plumas Charter School’s Indian Valley Academy came to an end this spring.

After two years of struggling to create a unified vision and a joint culture between two very different schools, those involved agree that major strides have been made.

See next week’s papers for the story. The next regular board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 10, 5 p.m. at the district office.

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