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Town of Seneca goes into escrow

The town of Seneca is off the market, pending the successful transfer of its title to a Texas man. Photo by Samantha P. Hawthorne
Samantha P. Hawthorne
Staff Writer

It’s been over six months since the historical town of Seneca went up for sale; and as of June 30 the sale will go offline as it enters escrow.

An undisclosed party from Texas has agreed to purchase the small ghost town for more than the original asking price of $225,000.

The man and his wife visited the town for the first time nearly two weeks ago, and fell in love with it, said co-owner Jerry Manpearl and his wife Jan Goodman.

Since the property has yet to go into escrow, Manpearl was unable to provide much detail on the potential buyer’s plan for Seneca; however, he did offer that the Texans plan to “uphold the tradition of Seneca.” What exactly that entails will not fully be understood until the sale is final.

As exciting as the sale has been for its owners and their kin, they have not been able to fully enjoy the transition due to the recent death of Seneca’s second owner, Tim Ten Brink. His nephew Jeff Potter said, “I know that he enjoyed the chance in his final months to talk about his favorite hang-out with the local and national media. Tim never complained during his decline and I spoke with him just a couple days before he passed and he was as marvelous as ever. I do appreciate the years I had to know him.”

Friends and family of Ten Brink have since flocked to his hometown of Susanville, prepared to clear out his belongings and pay their respects. What they didn’t expect to find, however, was a cellar filled with items from what was known as the “Weeping Willow Whorehouse Bar.” Ten Brink was living in an old brothel, complete with a gentleman’s parlor billiard table and a 30-foot mahogany bar top with a bright blue upholstered bar-kick.

The vintage brothel items found within his home are currently listed on eBay for $500 and $3,000, respectively.



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