Fishing Report for the week of 4/4/2012

Michael Condon
Staff Writer

The spring bite is just around the corner

There will be days when the fishing is better than one’s most optimistic forecast, others when it is far worse. Either is a gain over just staying home.
—Roderick Haig-Brown, “Fisherman’s Spring,” 1951


Spring is here and it has brought the rain and snow that winter lacked.

That is a good thing — a very good thing.

These March rains have been a blessing on many levels; the effect on our fisheries is just one of them.

It is simplistic, but true, to say that more water equals more fish habitat. And more fish habitat equals more fish.

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California Outdoors for the week of 4/4/2012

Carrie Wilson
California Department of Fish and Game


Raw or cooked

Question: I often go to Fort Bragg with a group of friends to get abalone. On the first day we all make our dives, and then in the evening we have abalone and a fish fry. The abalone is all sliced, pounded and breaded. Some always remains uncooked or cooked and not eaten. We go diving again the next day and get our limits again, and then head home that day or the next. I know I may only possess three abalone in the shells. However, what about the abalone I have left over, including the abalone that has been sliced, pounded and breaded for food? Will I be in violation for being over my limit? Do I need to keep the old shells and tags?

—Terri L.

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Portola wins a close game against Quincy

Shannon Morrow
Sports Editor
Portola batter Billy Broad, gets the game-winning hit in the bottom of the seventh inning, as Quincy catcher Cole Vanetti works behind the plate.  The Portola Tigers edged the Quincy Trojans 11-10 Friday, March 23. Photos by Shannon Morrow

In a close game between the Portola and Quincy high school baseball teams last Friday, March 23, Portola scored the winning run in the bottom of the seventh inning for an 11-10 victory.

The game began with Quincy taking a 3-0 lead in the first inning, but then Portola responded with one run in the second inning and six runs in the third inning to take a 7-3 advantage.

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Winter sports awards held at Chester High School

Jason Theobald
Staff Writer


Before commencing the winter sports awards, Chester Junior-Senior High School athletic director Terry Hernandez thanked the CHS Booster Club for its time, effort and support in making the winter sports season a success. He next thanked the parents for supporting their students, for driving to events and for volunteering when needed. He then thanked the teachers for working with the students who missed class time due to sports, and finally he thanked the students for their hard work and effort.

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Portola baseball edges Quincy

Feather Publishing

The Portola and Quincy High School baseball teams met for the first time this season in a non-league match at Portola Friday, March 23.
The game was tied in the final inning, until Portola scored the winning run for an 11-10 victory.

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